WCF Open Thread

Submitted by goblue20111 on May 13th, 2012 at 9:23 PM

Surprised I didn't see this.  LA just went up on Phoenix 2-1.  Quick let in a Cloutier style goal but otherwise Phoenix hasn't been doing much on the offensive end.  Despite 2 goals, Mike Smith has been playing his ass off as usual.  Go Yotes.



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Not joking, I was sad...but this is actually about a California based and Arizona based hockey teams playing hockey.  I wish there were only 24 NHL teams.

Glad ole Willy is still kicking it. 


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Hey, I wonder how you guys feel about a college football playoff? Cut me a break, I've watched almost every game in these playoffs and guess what? They've been good entertaining games.  Both teams are physical and fast.  Mike Smith vs. Quick should be a good matchup.  Who cares where the teams are located as long as it's good hockey? Sure as hell beats watching the the NBA. 


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I agree as long as it is good hockey it is great.  

However, i am sorry PHX doesn't need an NHl team.  Same goes for Florida, there is no need for that state to have two teams.  THere are better locations that would support the teams more and then we wouldn't have issues like PHX.

I like the idea of dropping down to 24 teams just so the league would be even stronger in terms of players, there wouldn't be a handful of AHL players on each team.


May 13th, 2012 at 10:03 PM ^

I agree about Florida not needing two teams.  But I hate when people pick on sun belt teams just for the sake of picking on sun belt teams.  Seriously, can someone tell me why the Islanders exist at this point? The Bluejackets? Hell, even the Sabres were pretty royally fucked up w/r/t ownership not too long ago. 


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We already tried Quebec City and Hartford.  Wisconsin has stadium funding issues.  Really, I have a hard time believing an area of about 500K could support a team w/r/t Kitchner/Waterloo.  Same with Hamilton.  The Leafs, Sens, Sabres and Wings all oppose Ontario expansion since it would cut into their fanbases/markets (also same problem with Toronto #2).  Seattle and Portland, maybe, who knows.  I've never seriously understood the obsession with KC getting a team.  Does Mizzou really need 2 hockey teams? What makes it a better hockey market than Phoenix? At least Phoenix gets plenty of mid-west transplants so you have a base of fans to tap into.  What does KC offer? People realize Moyes was one of the worst owners in the NHL who flatout said he wasn't funding the team anymore right?

Clarence Beeks

May 14th, 2012 at 10:12 AM ^

Well said.  The most realistic options of the ones he listed are (in no particular order) Quebec City, Kansas City and Portland, but it's a hard sell to make the argument than any of those three would be better than the current option in Phoenix.  It's not like they don't sell tickets and generate a heck of a lot of interest in Phoenix.  Fan interest hasn't been the reason for their lack of success and their potential relocation.


May 13th, 2012 at 10:30 PM ^

I don't really like the Kings, but I was going to jump on board this year when it looked like they could be good and I like rooting for JMFJ.  Then they traded him, and now they're awesome, which makes me kind of bummed that he's not on this team. 

I did find out from my neighbor a few nights ago that Kings fans still called him JMFJ, even those who knew nothing of his college career.  They even made LA Kings shirts that just said "JMFJ" on the front.  So that's cool.