WBB upsets #13 purdue; first win in West Lafayette in 15 years

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on February 10th, 2013 at 2:02 PM

The Michigan women just pulled off the upset of #13, 67-56. This is a huge step for the program in their streak killing tour this season. 

The last time they won was in 1999, the year purdue won the national championship.

It's nice to celebrate something this weekend. Michigan gets state at Crisler on Saturday at Noon. Michigan lost to state on the road last week 61-46, extending state's streak to 12. That is the streak that must end for the program to be officially heading in the right direction. 

Michigan should be able to beat ohio this year in columbus in the regular season finale because ohio is god-awful this year. 



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I'm so pleased with how the women are playing this year. Not to sell short the talent on the roster, but they're definitely far outperforming preseason expectations! Go Blue!


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This season has made me realize the massive droughts we have had in basketball road venues


BRB havent won at osu in a decade

brb havent won at indiana

brb havent won at wisconsin


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It's too bad we struggled so much in men's and women's hoops for such a logn period of time.  Men's basketball is beack to the big-time and the women seem to be on the fast-track to the same place.

Brandon was done a terrific job getting our big time programs headed in the right direction.  Can't remember (maybe was not alive for...) the last time men's football and basketball and women's basketball all seemed to be headed by the perfect person on the path to, or already at, a national level.


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That was a big win led by a great group of seniors outplaying a more talented team on the road. With this win and the victory over Illinois on Thursday, the team really turned things around when it looked like the season was about to head south.

Congrats to Kate Thompson for breaking Michigan's single-season three-point record. She had 6 triples today, bringing her season total to 91.

mgoblue.com highlights video


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Why do Michigan athletics have these streaks?  15 years of WBBall not winning in West Lafayette?  10 years of MBball not winning at Ohio State, and 14 years MBball not winning in Wisconsin?

This is Michigan fergodssake, people should be losing at Crisler for 10+ years in a row.  I hope that comes with the renovations and new life in both basketball programs.


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You sir have hit the nail on the head. That's been a problem - Michigan's leadership has done a lot recently (obviously) to turn the situation around but previously I think the leadership wanted to make clear that football was king and willfully ignored hoops.

Wolverine Devotee

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The women's program really hasn't ever been successful. It's been neglected for the longest time and when incompetent ADs like Tom Goss and Bill Martin were around and Men's Basketball was ignored, things only got worse for the women's program. 

Michigan once lost AT HOME to purdue by 59 points. 110-51. Unacceptable. 

Thank God for Dave Brandon. 


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Borseth recruited every player on the current team, and he also led the team to its first NCAA berth in more than a decade last season. He laid the groundwork for this season.

Martin had a mixed record when it came to hiring coaches, but to call him incompetent isn't very bright.


February 11th, 2013 at 8:34 AM ^

I think you're still being overly harsh.  Martin came onboard and tackled numerous facility issues that had been ignored far too long.  Just because he didn't have Crisler at the top of his list on Day One doesn't mean he was ignoring it.  His first order of business was to get the football stadium renovated and that was a task because there was a lot of resistance to the idea at the time.

The truth is Martin got a lot of facility upgrades completed on his watch and got it done all before we were getting Big Ten Network money and the like.  You want to indict the Athletic Department for not paying enough attention to the basketball program, then look at Schembechler, Weidenback, Roberson, and Goss.  Bill Martin was the first guy to actually do something about the issues with basktball facilities. 

I realize that Bill Martin's legacy is tainted by the botched Rich Rodriguez hire and he's not the most popular guy around here, but he did a lot of good things for Michigan Athletics and laid a foundation that Brandon has been able to build upon that will keep this University a leader in college sports throughout the 21st century.


February 11th, 2013 at 11:12 AM ^

Bill Martin may have struggled in some personnel decisions, but he got the books heading in the right direction and hired good coaches like Maloney, Borseth, Beilein. W/o Martin's work, Dave Brandon would probably not be able to make some of these great hires and improve the facilities. We owe alot to Bill Martin.