WBB Hello: Emily Kiser (fifth 2018 commit)

Submitted by Raoul on July 5th, 2017 at 6:49 PM

Another day, another women's basketball commit for Michigan. Committing today: Emily Kiser, 6-2 forward/center out of Noblesville HS in Indiana. She's not as heralded as some of the previous pledges, at least going by the recruiting services, which have her unranked. Most of her other offers were from mid-majors, but Michigan did beat out at least two other Big Ten teams for her: Indiana and Wisconsin.

Kiser joins two point guards, Amy Dilk and Danielle Rauch, a wing, Ariel Young, and a center, Naz Hillmon, in Michigan's 2018 class. The coaches still have one more scholarship they could use in that class, but it seems likely they'll now be looking to secure some early commits for 2019.



July 5th, 2017 at 7:14 PM ^

Wow, we've been on roll lately, but M Ascending remains in a funk because she's only 6-2 and no 6-2 player can guard anyone taller than 6-2.

M Ascending

July 6th, 2017 at 9:31 AM ^

Thank you for your concern over my mental state.  It's nice to know that MGoBloggers support each other.  Given that you only have 150 points in over 8 years on the blog, I take it as a true sign of sympathy that you came out of the woodwork to wish me well.  I am emerging from my funk due to the news that we are close to signing a 7'4" Russian she-male to play point guard.

I watched the first few minutes of the video, which seemed to be all on the offensive side (primarily layups -- NICE!).  Didn't focus on her defense.  But, maybe I'm wrong.  I once saw Muggsy Bogues' defense force Manute Bol to miss a shot.  (Actually, he bit him in the crotch, which caused enough pain to force the miss.)

M Ascending

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BTW, in my comment to the signing of Naz Hillmon, to which you took exception, I said that I hope they will move her to the 4, where she will thrive.  Well, if you check ESPN's WBB recruiting page, Hillmon as listed as a Power Forward -- just where I think she belongs -- not a Center.  Hopefully, KBA will go that route with her.  I do believe she will be a valuable asset to the program.




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Glad to see they're adding some size. Didn't watch a ton of games, but it felt like Michigan was the Big Ten's best team with Thome on the floor, then could fall apart when she rested or got in foul trouble.


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If I had meant a ranking, I would've put "ranked #5" in the title, like I did with a previous commit ("ranked #12"). Sorry if I misled you and others. It wasn't intentional. I've altered the title.