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Submitted by shswhit51 on March 20th, 2015 at 1:14 PM

Hello fellow MGoGolfers.  So I am planning on buying new golf clubs this weekend.  This is my fourth season playing and I would consider myself an intermediate player.  I feel like my ability to grow as a golfer is capped because of the set of clubs I currently have which I bought as a complete set and are wayyyy too short for my height and poorly made.


I am currently looking at either ping 25's or Calloway Hot shot but obviously I'm going to spend some time trying out as many as I can.


Do any of you have any suggestions of clubs that allow for some forgiveness but can be a nice improvement set? 







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If you go to a shop that has a pro they'll measure you for the club length you need.  +1 or +2 inches longer aren't as 'special order' as you may think.  They get longer clubs for taller people made fairly standard.  BUT, that said...maybe the clubs you had were made intentionally short and were too short for you.  My point, some folks think that "I'm tall, I need longer clubs."  Not necessarily true.  Taller, but arms that are proportional with your body, you'd still need regular sized clubs.

If you're in SE Michigan, go to Carl's Golfland.  They're very good.


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I was going to get a set of Pings until I hit them off a tee at Miles of Golf.  I ended up liking the ugly orange Rickey Fowler Cobra Amps the best, so that's what I use now.  You can easily spot me on the course with my bright orange clubs a mile away.


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To piggyback on the OP, I'm looking for an beginner/intermediate set for <$400.00.  I have seen sets by Strata and Adams around that price but Wilson/Top Flight brands make me a bit nervous.  Reviews basically all say the same thing, "Irons are great, driver breaks after 5 swings."  Any suggestions for me as well? TIA


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If you have a Costco membership, they have a decent Callaway starter set. Not sure on the price, but it is probably a step above what you'd normally get from those.

I started with a $300 top flite set. Irons were good, the rest wasn't that great. I replaced the woods and driver with something else after about a year. As a beginner, they were great. When I got more serious, I wanted a more serious driver and 3 wood.


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Do yourself a favor and go to Miles, Carl's, or Dicks and try some of the irons. It's free and you really can't tell which set is right for you without hitting them. As mentioned getting fitted for the shaft length and lie angles for irons is also important.

My first iron set was Adams and they were solid, for me.


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I have a Wilson 5 wood and have had it for 10 years or so. Maybe Wilson got worse since then. But I crush it with that club. My bag is a mismatch of whatever clubs I hit well. All told, all my clubs cost me ~$400. Got a $299 Nike driver for $79 because it was an unsold model from 2 years ago, same with my taylormade 3 wood (brand new $200 club that was In a clearance bin that I paid $30 for).

Bobicks has ridiculously good deals on top line clubs sometimes.


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If you want  a decent beginner set for less than 400 bucks check out craigslist.   You can get a better quality used set which will leave you better off than cheap brands.  The balancing and materials are still better.  You could also go to a pro shop and get a set of knock-offs custom made to your body and swing style.  This might be a little more if you don't have an in to a good pro somewhere.

Blue in Denver

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FWIW, a personal anecdote:

I bought a set of Adams  Idea a7os game improvement irons (and hybrids) a few years ago.  Can't begin to describe what a difference they made.

I wouldn't hesiate to buy Adams again, especially as a high-handicap player (anything > 20ish)

First round with them I hit a seven iron so far out on the toe I felt the club turn in my hands.  Ball went straight and on target, just about 15 yards shorter than expected. They're magic.


March 20th, 2015 at 1:22 PM ^

Mizuno MP54's. Feels like a blade, smooth as butter, but has a lot of the forgiveness of a cavity back. But there are SO many good irons on the market.

Might wanna look at Titleist AP1 and AP2. Solid cavity back game improvement irons.


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If you're a mid to high handicapper, you can probably do 6-9 iron, a couple wedges and carry 5 and 7 loft hybrids instead of long irons.


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If you are already a single digit handicapper, you need to get custom fitted clubs. I have played quite a few brands over the years put the best set of clubs I ever played with are my current set of Tour Edge Bazooka irons, steel shaft. My driver and fairway woods are a mixture of whatever I hit well. Tour Edge are cheap (by price, they are well made and mine came with a lifetime warranty). Why are they my favorite? Because I hit them far and the ball goes where I aim.

In short don't buy clubs based on the brand. Go to a high-end golf shop and hit multiple different styles and brands over the course of a few weeks. Go with what feels good and you hit consistently.


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Ping G series is great for you, probably. Really, any manufacturer will be fine. Go, test them out, use trackman or something and see what you hit most consistently. Make sure someone is at least fitting the length of your clubs.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of the major golfing brands for irons, to be honest. They'll all going to be about the same, more or less. Just try everything and buy what is most consistent.


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with the recent warm up...... So, I'll play


I realized about 3-5 years ago that I am not at the level of skills that the equipment is going to make a HUGE difference. Infact at that point, I ditched 2 year old TM's for a set of 12-14 year old DCI's and I love the DCI's still.

But now something I am starting to realize is the more into my 40's i get, the more need for graphite shaft is there. When I was in my 20's, I would swing out of my shoes.....literally. Can't do that anymore unless I want to spend the rest of my day with ice packs and heating pads. So, when I do get new clubs in a year or 2, I will be getting the Cleveland Hibores with a graphite shaft. 



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I'm 6'6" and up until last year was using the same clubs I got when I was 13. Getting clubs that were the proper size for me instantly took 6 or 7 strokes off my game. I got a set of +2" clubs from Linksman that weren't too expensive. They were a pretty good deal and definitely good enough for me. I'm to the point now where my skill, and more importantly alcohol consumption, is what limits my game, not my clubs.

Brian Griese

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is to get fitted by a pro, hopefully by a computer system like Flightscope.

The first summer I got my new irons/hybrids (Callaway Razr X, highly recommended) it helped take me from a mid-high eighties player to consistently low-mid eighties, and I even put up my best ever round of 77. 




March 20th, 2015 at 1:47 PM ^

I can't offer any insight on your irons. I bought my set of new Taylormade R9 TP irons quite a few years ago and love them. So I haven't bothered to even try out any iron sets for quite some time now.

But I just went out looking for a new driver this year and after trying out every new driver, I liked the Taylormade R15 (460cc head) the best. So then I started tweaking it and after hitting it for a bit I couldn't let myself walk out the door without it. It made my spin rate about 40% what it was with my old driver (Taylormade R9 430cc head), and my miss hits with the R15 would go 15 yards farther than a perfect hit with my R9. When I hit the R15 flush, it goes 30 to 40 yards farther than my R9 would on a good swing. I couldn't believe how big of a difference 6 years of technology advancements made. 

So if anyone is in the market for a new driver this year, I recommend giving it a look. Personally, I've never hit a different brand of club better than Taylormade. Taylormade is the superior club manufacturer in my books, and I have a hard time buying anyting else. I always give other brands a shot, and they never perform up to the standards of Taylormade for me. 

Edit: I second everyone's opinion about getting fitted for any clubs you buy though. A club that fits your body and swing makes a world of difference. 


March 20th, 2015 at 3:11 PM ^

I have always hit my R9 high. It promotes high spin rates and the R15 tries to limit spin rates. My spin rate was like 3200 rpm with my R9 and a launch angle of like 15 degrees. The R15 I had a spin rate of about 1400 and launch angle of 13 degrees. A good swing with my R9 I would hit it about 290. My miss hits with the R15 were going 305, and good swings with the R15 were going between 320 and 330 yards. 

If it's ever a windy day, it was impossible for me to hit my R9 into the wind or with a strong crosswind with my really high spin rates. The ball flight now isn't going to be bothered by the wind nearly as much and I was way more consistent with it. I'm relieved I finally went out looking for a new driver this year to say the least. The difference it makes still doesn't seem real to me. 

It is very compatible too. You can make so many adjustments to it to make sure it's perfect for your swing. If you are in the market for a driver, definitely go give it a shot and see for yourself. 


March 20th, 2015 at 1:46 PM ^

The Ping G series is perfect for an intermediate player. The cavity back allows for a little more error but you can still shape your shot more than some other cavity backs. 

I hit a G25 driver that I'm in love with. Best driver I've ever owned. 

But for sure go get fitted. I know at my home course, Ping reps will come in and do fitting for free with no pressure to even purchase. So maybe you could find something like that close to you?


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Improvement irons.  First off, if height is an issue then you definitely need your clubs fitted.  Adjusting to clubs that are the improper height can set off a chain reaction of terrible fundamentals in your set up.  You could be destined for a bad shot before you even take the club back.

The new Callaway Big Bertha irons, Callaway XR standard, Rocketbladez standard irons, Titleist AP-1 is where you should start swinging.

My most important tip, as soon as you get your new equipment schedule 5 lessons with a local pro.

Driver tech has only varied slightly in the past 5 years, they're mostly putting the same gift in a different box.  There are major deals to be had with new drivers that are 2-3 seasons old.  Irons on the other hand have improved dramatically to make mishits playable.

Then again I've been playing for 22 years and I've never been lower than a 7, so what do I know.


March 20th, 2015 at 1:51 PM ^

Go to Carl's Golfland or Dick's and work with one of their guys to find the right fit and manufacturer for you.  It's free and worth the investment in time.

I'm a 13 handicap.  I play with Calloway irons and TaylorMade "RockeBallz" woods.  I find  the RB's incredibly easy to swing with.



March 20th, 2015 at 1:52 PM ^

Like many have said, go to a pro (or at least a good retailer) and try lots of stuff until you find the one that "clicks".  Whether it's more distance, straighter, whatever, you'll find something that feels right.  Demo days (which tend to happen now that the weather is warming) are a great chance to do this.  Brand names are great and all, but play whatever you hit best, not whatever is played by the most guys on tour.

Also, as others have mentioned, having them custom fitted to you is well worth it - a random half inch here or there can make a huge difference.  


March 20th, 2015 at 1:52 PM ^

If you're not going to get professionally fitted, I recommend using Ping's self fitting system- instructions available on their website.  Get the highest lauch, most forgiving that you can.

Avon Barksdale

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I was using a set of Golden Bears for the longest time and spent a little money on Taylormade Rocketballz last summer and instantly saw a leap in my game. I was able to cut off about four or five strokes per round just because I was about 15-20 yards further with each club.

I don't think you would need a big, huge, expensive set to improve your game. I have been happy with my investment which I didn't have to put a mortgage on.


March 20th, 2015 at 2:03 PM ^

It has been 15 years since I replaced any of my clubs but I really like Maple Hill if you are in the Grand Rapids area.  You can try the clubs on an outdoor range and the prices are good.  They can also replace shafts and customize clubs for you.