Wayne State player dies at workout

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Serxho Guraleci, a senior nose tackle for the Wayne State football team this past season, died while working out Monday morning in Macomb County, Mich. He was 22.

Guraleci (6-0, 308 pounds) started in 25 of 48 games at the Division II school in Detroit and was named second-team all-Great Lakes Intercollegiate Atheltic Conference as a senior.

Rick Bye, Guraleci's high school football coach at Sterling Heights Stevenson, was stunned.

"He was just a big, strong kid," Bye said. "Always had a smile on his face."...





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What a horrific event.  Always hate to see a young person go so young.  Probably very traumatic event for coaches/players as well to witness this.   Thoughts and prayers are with the family and Wayne State program.  

Bo Knows

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I went to high school with Serxho.  He was a legend around school just by how big he was, with no peers in the weight room.  Yet that doesn't even compare to how he was the nicest guy you'd ever met.  Best wihes to his friends and family.  RIP man, gone way too soon. 


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Here's the local story from WXYZ - (LINK)

This is a very tragic story and thoughts and condolences to his family. Among other things, Guraleci won the Cortez Smith Award at their banquet last month, which is named for a teammate who was murdered in 2011 and given to a play that, like Smith, explemifies great character. 

He was also a 2012 All-GLIAC second team selection this year as well as an All-GLIAC Academic Team honoree all four years. 



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That really sucks.  I didn't see anything in there what happened or how it occurred.  Is this something that looks like a weight room death?  I hope it's not exertional rhabdomyolysis for the sake of the coaches.  Maybe a better way of putting it would be that I hope the coaches didn't play a role in it.


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Sorry, but as a strength coach it's my job to pay attention to stories like this.  I don't intend to show any disrespect for the friends and family involved and the tragedy of the situation.  But, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't seek to understand why it occured and to try and learn from it.  Speculation is beneficial for learning and it’s helpful to have an open discussion in order to learn from events.  The corrective tone of your response doesn’t exactly invite an open discussion.


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Even when you had no idea the person was ever alive it's just sad. As others have mentioned, I'm not sure if it had anything to do with it but many heart defects go undetected up to that age and beyond. Even pro athletes go undetected (Reggie Lewis, dozens of runners, etc) and die instantly. I mention those cases because my Brother was diagnosed with Aeortic Stenosis in his early teens after complaining of chest pains and being written off by assumptions and even tests a few times. His heart was kicking back blood with each beat and until he had a titanium valve replacement last Summer (at Mott's and grade A+ people/facility) exerting himself was playing Russian Roulette. He played ball before being diagnosed and had a phase where he pushed himself in his late teens out of what he now knows was a helpless feeling. Point being, those I mentioned above (and many more) died from that exact thing. No warning. No coming back once it happens. No CPR. Your heart gets backed up with blood inside and its pace is putting more in than it can pump/leak back out to your system and it just stops. Here one second, gone the very next. No slow movie chest grab, just a collapse. I hope this wasn't the cause as it shows that physical exams are still doing a poor job at all levels of detecting these defects. RIP and condolences to the family.


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Any young man loosing his life is terrible. This though is even harder because he was my compatriot. I am always very proud when i hear of an Albanian playing football, but this is the first time that i have heard one of them die in such a young age. Such a tragic loss of life, I don't have the words to express my pain. RIP youn man (Ngushëllime për gjithë familjen e Serxho Guralecit).


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Its rare that these stories touch any of us personally and although it doesn't sound like you knew him...its obvious this story has a stronger impact on you than on most others. 

Very sad and I'm praying for him, his family and you.  RIP young man.