Wayne Morgan Speculation? FWIW...

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Via 247 Sports:

A lot of guys are wearing hats out here in Oregon and most of the hats are of the school they're committed to. So what about the uncommitted guys?

Wayne Morgan has been rumored to be a silent commit to Michigan before and he didn't shy away from wearing a Michigan hat all morning here in Oregon.

Landon Collins out of Louisiana, a five-star candidate has been wearing an Alabama hat all day. His recruitment has been thought to be an Alabama-LSU battle.

....If you read into that sort of thing.

Not sure I buy it 100% but it's definitely interesting.



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Whe would it be over? The only thing I remember him saying was that he decided to hold off on his announcement, which is consistent with the suspicions that he's a "silent commit".

I know that people were speculating that we wasn't going to pick Michigan, but I never remember anything being posted to substantiate that speculation.


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forgive my newbie status -- I know what a slient recruit is, but I dont know why. Why is it in anyone's interest to be slient ?  what is the player or school getting out of it ?


Been reading that Kalis is or maybe a silent recruit...and I just dont get it. 


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Silently committing also allows recruits to better coordinate their official announcement. 

Many recruits like to hold off on the announcement until the Army/UA games or national signing day, even though they may have silently reserved their spots months before-hand.

Doing so has its perks, including virtually assuring an announcement broadcasted on national television. 


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Coaches also persuade recruits to stay silent as part of their own strategy.  Example: 4 or 5* recruit keeping it silent so the coaches have less of an obstacle filling the class with depth and guys that would normally look away due to the spot being filled.

There are several reasons for a recruit to commit silently.  To me, a commit doesn't commit until they sign.  We've seen way too many flip floppers in recent years.  Silent commits haven't worked out so well for us in the past..


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I know some people say that if Wilson does not commit to Michigan that Clark will recieve a scholarship for this year, but I was wondering why we wouldn't go after Morgan if Wilson did not commit here?  He was a big target prior to Wilson's interest to Michigan and vice versa, so if it does not work out with Wilson then why not give more attention to Morgan?  I would think this would be the path of recruitment for Morgan from Michigan.  It just would seem to weird to end things with Morgan (according to some) and pick up a greyshirt commit from Clark when Coach Hoke was so high on Morgan.


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One theory was always that it was never "over" so much as shifted from silent commit back to uncommitted. The theory here was Morgan wanted to hold off on committing and was told that would invalidate his silent commit and lose his secured seat at the table. If that's true (and I don't know whether or not it is) he might still have hoped to come back into the fold when ready. Clark aside, if we miss out on Wilson he might still have that hope (as some people see him as a FS).


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that there are no hard feelings.  Didn't his coaches say the M coaches did all the right things in the process?  Your reading seems to reflect what we've seen posted pretty accurately.  Wayne's wavering and wanting to visit elsewhere led the M coaches to say they couldn't hold his spot, and their continuing to recruit DBs supposedly made Wayne feel uncomfortable.  Certainly understandable on both sides.  He obviously wasn't ready and the coaches had other options.  Whatever happens for him, glad to hear he's still wearing the hat.


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We can't have a 3-3-5 with all the LB we have.  Mayve it's a 2-4-5, and that would explain only taking one DT and many of the DEs looking like LBs.


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Brady Hoke is too good of a recruiter! So many great players and so few spots remaining. Imagine having Morgan and T. Rich at corner and Wilson flying around centerfield at FS and then with the D-Line class we have, I see a top 5 defense, even w/o Morgan.


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If you ask his coach he's saying he's still considering Michigan, and that he's announcing at the All American game. He told me that Wayne realizes the school that really wants him will wait for him, which basically contradicts the first statement. I wouldn't read too much into him wearing a Michigan hat.


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Well, I suppose that is that. I don't see a spot for him open that late. But I suppose this supports the theory that Hoke and Co. did not elbow Morgan out the door for a shot at Wilson. At least, this makes it sound like Morgan and his coaches don't think they were treated to shabbily.


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Recruits get free gear when they visit right? Maybe he just got a good hat from Michigan. Not to sound racist, but most of my black friends that played ball wore whatever hat went with their clothes and shoes. Didn't matter what team logo was on it.


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This is from the Penn State Rivals site.  It's from an article from just three days ago:

Plus BWI is hearing Michigan is the reported leader for CB Wayne Morgan (5-11, 188) from Brooklyn, N.Y. and are in a battle with Penn State for the G&W Recruiting Report's all-Midwest FS Jarrod Wilson (6-2, 190) from Buchtel High School in Akron, Ohio.

For what it's worth.


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Due to immense pressure and poor play out of fan-favorite Brandon Inge, it is now rumored that life-long Tiger fan and heart throb Tom Selleck will be joining the team.