Way too early 2019 Football Depth Chart attempt

Submitted by reddogrjw on January 3rd, 2019 at 7:59 PM

Can use some help on the backup OL spots, D-Line and linebacker spots as well

Didn’t designate the walk-ons since some get 1-year scholarships sometimes

2019 Michigan Depth Chart



S. Patterson – Sr.

D. McCaffrey – RS So.

J. Milton – RS Fr.

C. McNamara – Fr (likely RS)

B. Peters – RS Jr. (likely/expected transfer?)



Z. Charbonnet – Fr

C. Turner – So.

T. Wilson – RS Jr.

H. Haskins – RS Fr.

M. Barrett – RS Fr. (is this still his position?)


Scat RB

C. Evans – Sr.

C. Turner – So.



B. Mason – Jr.

B. VanSumeran – RS Fr.


Outside WR

D. Peoples-Jones – Jr.

N. Collins – Jr.

T. Black – RS So.

C. Johnson – Fr. (potential 4 game red-shirt)

Q. Kent – Fr (likely RS)


Slot WR

O. Martin – RS So.

R. Bell – So.

G. Jackson – Fr. (potential 4 game red-shirt)

G. Johnson III – Fr.  (likely RS)



N. Eubanks – RS Jr.

S. McKeon – Sr.

M. Muhammed – RS Fr.

E. All – Fr. (with only 4 other TE’s, I think he plays)

L. Schoonmaker – RS Fr.



J. Runyan Jr. – RS Sr.

J. Mayfield – RS Fr.

R. Hayes – RS Fr. (maybe moves to TE/Blocking TE?)

T. Jones – Fr. (likely RS)



B. Bredeson – Sr.

C. Filiaga – RS So.

J. Honigford – RS So.

Z. Carpenter – Fr (likely RS)



C. Ruiz – Jr.

A. Vastardis – RS Jr.

N. Rumler – Fr



M. Onwenu – Sr.

S. Spanellis – RS Jr.

N. Rumler – Fr

P. Paea – RS So.

K. Barnhart – Fr (likely RS)



A. Stueber – RS So.

J. Mayfield – RS Fr.

T. Keegan – Fr. (likely RS)

N. Ulizio – RS Sr (possible firm handshake)

J. Stewart – Fr. (likely RS)



D. Jeter – RS So.

M. Smith – Fr

C. Myers – RS Jr.



M. Dwumfour – RS Jr.

C. Kemp – Sr.

C. Hinton – Fr.



A. Hutchinson – So.

T. Upshaw – RS Fr.

J. Welschof – RS Fr.

D. Ojabo – Fr.

M. Morris – Fr.



K. Paye – Jr.

J. Uche – Sr.

L. Vilain – RS So.

R. Johnson – RS Jr.

G. Newburg – Fr, (likely RS)

R. Jones – RS Sr (possible firm handshake)


LB – Sam

LB – Mike

LB – Will

J. Ross – Jr.

D. Gil – RS Jr.

J. Anthony – RS So.

C. McGrone – RS Fr.

C. Thomas – Fr.


LB – Viper

K. Hudson – Sr.

J. Glasgow – RS Sr.

An. Solomon – Fr

J. Velasquez – Fr (likely RS)



L. Hill – Sr.

A. Thomas – Jr.

V Gray – RS Fr.

M Sims – RS Fr.

B. St-Juste – RS So.

Gem. Green – RS Fr.

J. Perry – Fr. (likely RS)

M. Sainristil – Fr. (likely RS)

DJ Turner – Fr. (likely RS)



J. Metellus – Sr.

J. Woods – Jr.

Q. Johnson – Fr.

Ger. Green – RS Fr.



D. Hill – Fr

B. Hawkins – Jr.

J. Kelly-Powell – Jr. (move to slot CB?)

S. Faustin – RS Fr.

A. Pesek-Hickson



J. Moody – Fr.

Q. Nordin – RS Jr. (maybe transfer?)



W. Hart – RS Jr.

B. Robbins – RS So.



C. Cheeseman – RS Jr.



January 3rd, 2019 at 8:04 PM ^

We got a lot of talent coming back. Never in question. I just question whether our coaching staff can maximize their talent and put our players in position to succeed.


January 3rd, 2019 at 8:07 PM ^

There is a "Depth Chart By Class" feature on the board which I believe is regularly updated, but of course it hardly ever gets mentioned here - and it is interesting to see diverse opinions on this subject. This is a pretty good one, and thanks for putting it together. 


January 3rd, 2019 at 10:14 PM ^

I remember when you did it.  I liked it.  Think it all got erased though.  Whatevs. 

I always like the effort to do these things, cuz typically you just get hammered when they're meant for discussion.  

Mr Yost always did them. Liked his effort, but he didn't elevate freshman enough, imo.  That's why I like yours a little better. 

Then again, Coach Harbaugh doesn't seem to like playing youngsters all that much either.  

Really like all the discussion these depth charts bring. 

Keep it up(you too Mr Yost) and Go Blue!


January 4th, 2019 at 1:34 AM ^

God I hope so. It would be a lot of fun to finally have that kind of speedy player with the opportunity to get the ball in space. They've been so hesitant to use their existing talent that way, though, that I'm kind of resigned to the possibility that they do actually put him on D. I'm sure he'd be good there too, but I would like to see fun things on offense.


January 3rd, 2019 at 8:18 PM ^

I consider Paye a stongside end. He and Uche will be the starters imo. Aiden will be the first to rotate in. Vilain (if healthy) would also be in the mix. 


January 3rd, 2019 at 8:33 PM ^

Look how underbalanced we are... at DT is almost empty and overly stacked at DE.  makes no sense at all.  And to compensate for it they'll take an undersized DE like Marshall and move him inside.  How is it people here can see it and yet in the "submarine" they're blind to it .