Way OT: Running in downtown L.A.

Submitted by northmuskeGOnBLUE on April 18th, 2016 at 2:50 PM

I will be attending a conference in two weeks in L.A. and I am looking for some good places to run outside. My hotel is downtown (near the Staples Center) and I will not be interested in driving to another location to do my running. I also won't have a car, so it is really a moot point!

I have never stayed in downtown L.A. before and I am not sure if there is a good network of trails or suggested running routes. Of course, I am also interested in knowing the areas to avoid as well. I am an early morning runner, usually hitting the pavement by 6am. 

Are there any board members familiar with the downtown "running" landscape in L.A? Does anyone have a good Web site that they could recommend to find good places to run in the area? Suggestions for places to avoid? I have done some online research, but most of the suggested running areas are not located in downtown. This makes me wonder if I should avoid running in the downtown alltogether. 

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you!



April 18th, 2016 at 2:52 PM ^

I live in LA and running downtown doesn't feel like the best idea. I'm not a runner, so I don't have a suggestion on where to run exactly, but downtown probably isn't a great option.

The subway can easily take you to Hollywood or los Feliz, where people run a lot. Again, I'm no expert.

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panthera leo fututio

April 18th, 2016 at 3:03 PM ^

You can get to the 7th/Metro train station easily from your spot. From there, you can take the Red Line to Sunset/Vermont, which is proximate to what I'd imagine are some friendly running environs (including Griffith Park, if you're going on a long-ish run). Alternatively, you could take the Expo Line all the way out to Culver City, which is also proximate to some running-friendly spots (including a masochistically large hill).


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...isn't as terrifying as people make it out to be.  

  • Yes, it is a pile of folks with mental health and addiction problems that have been basically abandoned by the State and residents of LA and left to fend for themselves.  
  • No, it is not a threat to your safety - the area is teaming with LAPD, and if you are running you'll be through there in twenty seconds.  It's actually not a bad run through the Arts district and Boyle heights - before it was rerouted, these were the last 6 miles of the LA Marathon, which was only a bummer because there weren't many spectators. Only time I wouldn't go there is between 10PM and dawn, but I also wouldn't run in Griffith Park during those hours on account of our Koala eating mountain lion.

The Carter 16

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That's a good summary of skid row.  I lived in Little Tokyo recently and agree with the sentiments above. 

I will add that skid row is the place where the homeless guy got shot up in his tent by LAPD last year...

On that note, there is an excellent bar right near that area called the Escondite if you're so inclined.  Dive bar but I enjoyed myself there several a time

Louie C

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There's actually a Crip faction out there that wears Michigan gear. Main Street wears Michigan not for the blue, but because of the block M for Main. It's not so much a color thing anymore as much as it is a hat thing. Wearing the wrong team in the wrong area can have deadly consequences.


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And the Lord said unto northmuskegonblue, "Find thee a treadmill my son, that you may live a longer life than if you run through downtown LA at a time when there will be fewer witnesses- I mean, crowds".

And northmuskegonblue heard the Lord's advice, and wept, for he knew not why he had asked such a question. And taking the Lord's advice, lived a long and fruitful life. And it was good.

Mgoboards 4:18


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Skip the conference and head to the shore. There are a lot of pathways to enjoy west of town. That's way better than any conference.


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...just imagine you are staying in lower midtown.  From Staples, head up Grand to Sunset, do a loop around Elysian Park and Dodget Stadium before returning through Chinatown on the East.  +/- 8 miles, good for an early morning run.  Don't listen to the haters - not every run is from your cul de sac and down the powerline just to turn around at the Tim Hortons.


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Without even considering safe areas vs places to avoid, I wouldn't run in downtown LA given the air quality. Don't know why you would subject your lungs to that if you're a health-conscious person.