Way OT: a question for football dads of young kids

Submitted by foreverbluemaize on October 3rd, 2009 at 10:33 PM

After getting my heart broken b/c of the Sparty game, my 8 year old had a football game. They were playing their in-county rivals at the rivals field. I put on the best smile I could and cheered my 3rd graders team on but was very surprised to hear the announcer being extremely biased and cheering, hooting and hollaring for his team. My thinking is that it is OK to do that at the High Scholl level but these are 3rd and 4th graders. Am I wrong? Is this something that I should expect to see anywhere he goes to play or is this low class? Please help me out on this as he is my oldest and I want to know if I am making too much out of this.



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Your kid must be playing with pads. My 4th grader is playing flag, and the thought of an announcer is pretty funny.

As for the announcer cheering for the other team - uncool. I don't know what's generally accepted, but I think the announcer should always be pretty neutral. A "Way to go!" is ok, as long as he gives the other team a nod every now and then.


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for one team and not booing against the other i wouldn't mind. You were probably just reeling from the UM game and may have been more sensitive to commentary. It happens. Good luck with your kid's season!

Sgt. Wolverine

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Actually, high school football announcers aren't supposed to be biased; they're supposed to be purely informational. (This isn't just my preference; this is a specific request handed down by the MHSAA. I'm sure other state associations make similar requests.) I've encountered both types of announcers at high school games, and the biased announcers are immensely obnoxious.

The only place annoyingly biased announcers belong is in the NBA.


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That is the real question. If your son is out there having fun, who cares? Crank up the IPod nice and loud and enjoy watching your son. If he doesn't seem to mind, forget about the announcer.

This is just a game. For fun. Remember that.

Same is true for our Wolverines. Fun.


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yeah, i have an 8 year old son who plays and im an assistant coach on his team, and to me as an announcer, you shouldnt be biased. But i wouldnt make too much of it, because im sure it happens everywhere, some of the announcers are parents of kids too, who im sure are probably getting excited for their kid and or teammates.