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Submitted by brewandbluesaturdays on June 21st, 2012 at 3:23 PM

Need help from the community here on this one. I found a great dog from a shelter that I will be adopting tomorrow. I am trying to think of Michigan themed names and so far all I have come up with that seem sensible are... He's a yellow lab mix






any help from the board on this would be great thanks! 



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Not trying to make people feel guilty, everybody makes decisions for their own reasons, but three to four million (!!!) dogs get "put to sleep" every year in the US.... just sayin'.  Not all are adoptable, but most are.  

HBO's currently running a documentary called "One Nation Under Dog"; brief review in Washington Post-- just read the first little bit.  It's sad.





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I agree that adopting is a great thing. One of the problems with people is they don't realize a dog is a lot of work before they get one and end up dropping them off at a shelter. Also supply greatly outweights demand and breeders don't realize it.

I have an Aussie which is extremely rare to find In a shelter and I went a breeder that my wife works with. She doesn't over breed and makes sure there is enough demand before she breeds.


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We adopted last year and had the same conundrum but a little different because our dog is a female.  We ended up settling on Charlee Beau.  The first name of Charlee is obviously an homage to the one and only Charles Woodson.  The middle name... do I even need to spell it out?  Just a more feminine version of Bo.  Congrats on the dog!


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We have always wanted to name our dogs with a UofM theme but never did.  We named one Parker after Robert B., one Dylan after Bob and our latest (chocolate lab) Porter after the beer and/or the characters (lead and the dog) on Payback.  Our next will be named along the lines of UofM so these responses help a great deal.


Edit: We live near Coach Carr's summer cottage and he loves my dog Porter.  It is kinda cool to hear Coach yell out "Hello Porter", in his coaching attitude, when he walks by. 


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I've had three dogs over the course of my life, one from a breeder and two having been rescued.  Never again will I "pay" for a dog when there are so many wonderful dogs awaiting a home at a shelter.

Next dog will be named after my beloved NY Mets (Shea), but after that I'll too be exploring Michigan names.  The lady loves the name Maizey for a female, but I'll be shooting for Harris (in honor of my favorite NFLer, David).


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I have three Bernese mountain dogs, and they all have Michigan themed names. There's Harmon (for Tom Harmon), Mary Sue ( Mary Sue Coleman), and Hutch (for Steve hutchinson).


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Didn't see Brady mentioned. I named my girlfriend-demanded toy poodle puppy Brady due to two obvious Michigan connections: Tom Brady and Brady Hoke. Bitches love him.


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that if you could ask the dog what his real name actually is;

He'd tell you it's "Man Ray".

It's the truth, why would he lie . . . he's your dog.


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Pierson Dierdog*

Shuttlesworth Dufek

Jolly Trgovac Woolfork* Haji-Sheikh

Messner Vada Hoard

Grbak Desmond

Steele Dhani

Breaston  BlackJesus Shazor




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We just adopted our first dog from a resuce group, a 19 month old Maltese already named Millie.  The wife and kids liked that name, so I can now claim she is named in honor of Millie Schembechler.  If we work up the courage to get a 2nd dog, and it's a male, I'm going to lobby for "Bo."