Way OT: Lagunitas Brewery in Chicago

Submitted by d. on April 10th, 2012 at 11:44 AM

For those as obsessed with beer as I am, I just saw that Lagunitas out of Petaluma CA is opening a production facility in Chicago.  Their first batches will be brewed on the south side starting next summer (2013).  Tony McGee (the owner) was born and raised in Chicago, so it's no big surprise they are opening a facility here, IMO. 

This is big news for those of us who love their hoppy beers as fresh as possible.  Very exciting stuff for beer geeks like me- especially with Sierra Nevada and New Belgium opening operations in NC.



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I am a huge fan of almost everything lagunitas makes.

Living in oregon though there is no shortage of amazing beer. I know deschutes brewery out of bend, or just started distributing to Kansas and Missouri for the first time. Hopefully they keep expanding because I love their stuff and people are missing out on the east coast.


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I was not a huge fan of their beers until I tried Hop Stoop Ale last weekend and that turned me into a belive.  I highly recommend it to anyone who likes hoppy beers with a good bit of citrus aroma and taste like Centennial IPA and Humma Luppa Licious.  Too bad I moved away from Chicago a year ago!


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I was told to try lagunitas once and so I bought some. I was  unimpressed. I've only heard good things though so I may have to try it again.


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If you find yourself near Petaluma, CA on a nice sunny day, I highly recommend you visit their brewery.  The beer garden is exceptional and beer flights are only $5 for 4 (maybe even 5 - don't drive yourself) 6 oz. samplers.  Foods not bad either.

Here's to hoping they do a beer garden in Chicago as well.

rob f

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have a Beer Garden in Chicago---I'll be there !   I've tried about a half-dozen different Lagunitas concoctions so far and I'd have to say all were very good to exceptional.  In particular, I like their Belgian-Style Tripple Ale, and their Maximus (as was mentioned above) is also excellent.


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I was turned on to Lagunitas by their Vanilla Porter.  I had it at a place called Mad Mex, which is located by the OSU campus.  I am neither a fan of flavored beer, nor am I a fan of porter, but this is one of my favorite beers.  Lagunitas is also great for Maximus and their IPA.  I haven't tried their other beers, but I'm really impressed by what I have had.  Fans of their IPA should also enjoy Bell's Two Hearted and CBC Apricot Ale.   This could only mean good things, as the latest Ohio import has been Yuengling, which has its uses but is not something I can get truly excited over...


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My favorite Lagunitas beers are for sure the ones that aren't "normal" like the IPA (which I do like), but rather the Brown Shugga, WTF, Little Sumpin', etc.  Damn- so good.


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I drank a few of these after my race on Saturday...they sponsor by buddies cycling team. Good stuff. Although, I just got done riding 40 miles, full blast on dirt roads so I was pretty thirsty and Coors would have been good, uh maybe not. 

Topics on babies and beer should always be exempt  from "WAY OT:". 


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pretty decent brewery.  Living in Ohio, I never have trouble getting it (not sure about other midwesterners)

Now, avery brewing company is the shit.  Maharaja is my fav. triple IPA bar none.  Bells hopslam is close, but Maharaja is special.

Shit i want a beer now. fml


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I am currently drinkin' a Little Sumpin' right now. It is the first time I have had it and must say that it is perfect for a beautiful Spring day.


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For spring beers. I've got my eyes peeled for a 12 pack of Arcadia Whitsun in cans. It can be hard to find, but it's a favorite of mine.

I'm not familiar with anything from lagunitas, but I've heard of them. Most Chicago breweries distribute out this way, so I'll keep my eyes peeled and try something.