Way OT HAppy Match Day

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For those that are not in medicine, this is the day that every 4th year medical student finds out where in the country and which specialty they will be spending the next 3-7 years of their life during residency. For those of you who are fellow MS4s, good luck and I hope we all get our 1st choices.  Only 2 hours and change left.



P.S. If this isnt board worthy, then go ahead and delete it. Nothing could bring me down right now.



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Gastrologist is  a good one, I have crohns and let me tell you they try to get some money out of me. Only downfall is you have to do those colonoscopy's which I can't imagine is very fun.


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Good luck to you. I'm weighing my medical school options right now... I've got acceptances to Case Western, Temple, Miami (YTM) and the Chicago Medical School. An odd collection.


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I'm currently a first-year MSTP at a fellow big ten institution. My advice for anyone starting medical school. Look at the "deccelerated" options, i.e. doing you med schooling in 5 years instead of 4. The people at my institution who are doing the 5 year plan instead of the 4 are infinitely more happy and less stressed. It's well worth the extra year. (it also costs the same, at least at my institution)


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your acceptances you must be a pretty bright man or woman. I would urge you to look at what you think you want to do. If clinical research is your calling, Case is the place. Have a couple colleagues that went to Chicago and they loved it.

Secondly, to be entirely honest, the most important thing you can have in medical school is a good support system (ie close family or a great living situation). Priority list 1 should be where you can be comfortable, and 1a should be cost.  

I paid 18k/yr for a grand total of about 110K for living etc. for my degree, and I got the same exact training as all of my colleagues who dropped 220K+. Med school is more of what you make of it (read: time you spend studying) more than anything.


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The reason I am where I am today. 30+ years ago my Dad got matched to go from UofM Med school in ann arbor to Children's Hospital in Chicago. I could have ended up a resident of the worst state ever had he gone to his second choice, Cincinatti. Good luck to all the doctors, hope you get matched somewhere you'd lke to be.


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I spent some crazy nights at Shock Trauma a few years ago.  Fun, in a somewhat distorted way.  Great place to see a high volume of trauma.  Residency, like any educational experience is what you make of it.  So whatever you get will work out.  Good luck. 


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It's no longer the 3rd Thursday, but here's a good NY Times article from a few years back for those who don't know about Match Day. --LINK--

In addition to changing the scramble, I also heard that there had been grumbling for years about M4s not being quite in tip-top condition come Friday morning after Match Day.  So have a good Friday, a great Friday night night, and hopefully a restful weekend!

Go Blue!


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As a fellow med student who will hopefully reach this point in 2 years, I wish you the best.  Got to get the pesky Step 1 out of the way first...and then Step 2...

LSA Aught One

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but I'm saying his hands are shaky and his choices in colors for scrubs are questionable.  He's definitely going to need at least one redshirt year and will need to watch several seasons of House before he's going to be ready for the ER.


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I'm an M2, currently performing at Wayne State's Match Day celebration with the a capella group at the med school. Can't wait for the day two years from now when I'm sitting with my envelope! Congrats, new doctors!


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Brings back memories.  I'm a physician in practice for 14 years now, my match day was long ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.  Always a big day.  Good luck future doctors!  You'll need it.


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I'm in last year's Medicine at Michigan magazine celebrating my wife's match with her.

It's an intense day. I've attended three total because two other friends invited me to theirs, so I can say it's pretty much always intense--even when your result is good, it's a roller-coaster of emotions because at least a couple of classmates will be devastated.

Wishing top choices for all my fellow MGoBloggers!


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but it's past one o'clock and absolutely everybody will be half in the bag already. I know I was last year! Congrats to everybody-make sure not to pass out before the michigan game.  PGY-1 at Ohio State fighting the good fight