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Submitted by jml969 on May 16th, 2014 at 12:51 AM
I'm a Godzilla nerd as long as I've been a M fan. Just saw the new movie and it kicked ass. Great flick!



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Some of you are probably old enough, like me, to remember the 4 'O clock movie on WXYZ, CH7. Every spring they would have monster week during the late 60's and early 70s. I remember getting off the school bus in 2nd through 5th grade and racing into the house to watch Monster Week. Every day of the week they would show one of the classic Godzilla movies Monday through Friday. Besides listening and watching Michigan football as a child, this was my second favorite time of the year! My favorite was GZ vs Mothra, it was so freaky with those miniature Japanese women singing to Mothera and that giant caterpillar, Also Ghidora, the 3 headed monster was a favorite.

Well, I have not seen any of these movies in 40 years, so I may go see the new Godzilla flick!

Hugh White

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One of the reasons that Monster Week was such a hit among kids in the Metro-Detroit area is that it was such a welcome break from the other films that were featured by Bill Kennedy on his weekday-afternoon movie feature called "Bill Kennedy at the Movies".  If you recall, Bill would spend 51 weeks of the year showing black-and-white not-so-classic films from Hollywood's Bronze Age.  One week out of the year, he would nod to Toho.  During an era when kids did not have 560 channels to choose from, 324 of which have children's programming, a week of Mothra and Gamara was welcome indeed.


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I did like watching CH.50 WKBD. They would show the older Japanese cartoons like Speed Racer and Kimba the White Lion. They would also have the little rascals and three stooges. I guess now those shows are to violent for kids. Sometimes when my Father was off work we would watch Bonanza and the 4 o'clock movie. The only time I would watch was during Monster week!

Plus most of Michigan's games were not televised. If they played a top 20 team in the preseason you may be lucky to get to see Missouri or TAM vs Michigan on Saturday. Otherwise, you had to wait til the end of the season for the OSU vs Michigan game and then the Rosebowl when they won the Big 10.


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Perhaps sadly, my first experiences with the Godzilla films were the ruthless mocking the original ones received on MST3K back in the early 1990s. I know they did "Godzilla Vs. Megalon", "Godzilla Vs. Sea Monster" plus a few others - it was a substantial portion of the second season, as I recall.

That being said, the effects in the trailer look pretty cool and I might be tempted to put this one on the Memorial Day weekend to-do list. 

tn wolverine

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Those two r the only two Godzilla movies ever taken on by MST3k. U may be confusing the Gamera flicks they did five of those. All r hilarious, not sure why u would dislike those. I grew up watching the Godzilla and Gamera movies On Monster week on the 4 o' clock movie, whichever station used to carry that in the D.


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I was more referring to the awkward introduction to Godzilla because that was my first exposure to the films. The episodes of MST3K that deal with them are hilarious - come to think of it, the Joel era is perhaps the better era when it comes to overall consistency, I think, although many of the episodes in the early days of Mike (seasons 5 and 6 in particular, although the first season on Sci-Fi - 8, I think - had tons of hilarious episodes as well) were just as good. 

The Man Down T…

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But I liked the Matthew Broderick Godzilla.  This one looks incredible too.  Then again, I lived for monster week on ABC.  


Oh and for the person above asking about the other movies:


Spiderman - Great movie

Captain America -  Much better than the first one

Lego Movie - Cool

Divergent - Excellent movie

300 Part 2 - Just like the first one but with an extra hot chick.  Meaning awesome.



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that Saban is recruiting Godzilla as a Nose Tackle. Hoke tried but he didn't meet the admissions standards.



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So I read Tom Long's "criticism" of this movie in the Detroit News and it reminded me, as if I needed reminding, why everything he says should be ignored.  According to him, the characters are boring.  IT'S FUCKING GODZILLA I'M NOT WATCHING IT FOR DEEP AND INTROSPECTIVE CHARACTERS.


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When I first read your post, I thought you said there were a lot of scenes of Godzilla swimming in his underwear.  Then I thought, I must have Kate Upton on my mind.  THEN I thought, well if Godzilla did wear underwear, what kind would he wear, boxers or briefs?