Way OT: Future of USA Rugby is here (video)

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Not sure if we have any rugby fans at mgoblog, but thought I'd post this video of Ngwenya's try from the 2007 World Cup.  I post this for three reasons:

1) It's a good time for more forum topics

2) To highlight USA's growing skill level as Rugby becomes an Olympic sport

3) Because Ngwenya owns Brian Habana (widely recognized best/fastest player out there) and reminds me of Flash Dilithium sans-dreads. 

(Fast forward to 1:05)



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I LOVED this try when I was watching highlights to this game. Bryan Habana is fast as balls but Ngwenya made him look foolish. I can't wait for the USA to get good at rugby. We should because it is becoming so popular in high schools and colleges now, with many of the nation's most skilled high school football players playing. Even my former HS who I played for is now a top team in the state of Michigan (Grandville). Fortunately I was not on the team in the first year of the program's existence when Grandville had the "privilege" of playing one Obi Ezeh and defending champion GR Catholic Central. I think we lost 60-0 and many players on the team had horror stories from facing Obi and his mammoth teammates.

His Dudeness

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Played in high school. Actually played the same position as this guy. Greatest sport I have ever played. If anything makes you feel like a gladiator this sport is it. If our NFL guys played rugby USA would crush the planet, no doubt.


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All Michigan Rugby Team (1994-present, because I'm too young to know beforehand):

1) Jake Long

2) Brandon Graham

3) Lamar Woodley

4) Jay Riemersma

5) Braylon Edwards

6) Sam Swords

7) Dhani Jones

8) Brandon Minor (when healthy)

9) Henne (I can't really think of someone to play scrummy -- all our old QBs are too tall)

10) Tate Forcier (he's got the boot)

11) Denard Robinson

12) Chris Perry

13) Charles Woodson

14) Steve Breaston

15) Space Emperor


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slightly OT but I live in england and play university am football here. We've got our National Finals tomoro, obviously we have a playoff system with a winner! My university is comfortably the best sporting uni in the country and has been winning the overall league tables for 20 + years We obviously struggle recruiting guys (no schollies) as most guys havent playedand barely know the rules. A lot of the guys are ex-high school rugby players who take up american football. The transition is quite good as most of the skills are transferrable 


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Plays Rugby here at Bowling Green...


The sport is amazing... my favorite is the "sevens" version of the game.  It's a 15 minute game with two seven and a half minute halves... It's super intense.


If anyone is interested in watching NBC is actually covering the USA Sevens Collegiate Championships on June 4-6th in Columbus.  My school is competing in the tournament along with 15 other teams.


Here is the link to the tournament being shown on NBC if anyone is interested.


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My twin and I both play on a Grandville's Rugby team (A-side or starters) and we are the undisputed number one team in the State. So I have some knowledge when I make the all U of M rugby team from 1994-present. In the forwards you want more stocky guys.

Fowards: Props: Mike Martin and Lamarr Woodley, Hooker: Anthony Thomas, Locks: Craig Roh and Shawn Crable, Flankers: Brandon Graham and Jonas Mouton, and 8 man: Dave Harris.

Backs: Scrumhalf: Tate Forcier, Fly Half: Space Emporer, Inside Center: Brandon Minor Rage, Outside Center: Stevie Breaston, Wings: Denard and Tay Odoms, Fullback: Leon Hall. Go to this link to get a description of all positions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_union_positions . Finally wish us luck as we go for a state title.


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But it seems like you're very heavy toward post-2008.  I love Tae Odoms (he's my favorite player), but Breaston has more try scoring/big play potential at the wing.

For locks, Roh makes sense, but it seems like you're forgetting about lineouts and just thinking about rucking and taking crashes.

Seriously thinking about using the space emperor for flyhalf? Tate's boot is good enough, and he runs a 4.55 (2 fakes out of 5) 40, and can dish out the ball as well. You wouldn't put Woodson at outside center?  Breaston can run, but Woodson can run and play stout man defense, which is crucial for center. 

I do like Harris at 8, however.  I liked the thought of Minor playing there and just taking picks off the scrum and rambling through the scrummy and the fullback on the way to a try.  Minor would make a good 12, but Perry's got a bit more hulk and the same speed. Martin's height makes him a better fit for hooker.


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I'll be honest.  I'm an American and I just don't get why rugby and soccer is so huge.  Outstanding athletes but it just doesn't compare to football for me.

Six Zero

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My roommate played second line in college and we all went religiously.  Some of the roughest stuff I've ever seen in my life.  I watched a friend take a a boot right to the forehead and the ref just watched the whole thing and then called someone over to take him off.

Coming from someone who is not an expert:  regarding that clip, doesn't Ngwenya have to put the ball down?  I thought it wasn't a true try until he 'touched the ball down,' hence our own 'touchdown' in football?


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Rugby's a cool sport to watch.  I don't know if it will catch on here because our sports calendar is pretty full as it is, but I'd like to see more TV coverage of the Six Nations and the Rugby World Cup.