Way OT-Dog friendly apartments near campus?

Submitted by da3mite on July 27th, 2014 at 2:38 PM

If this is not acceptable as an MGoBlog forum topic, I apologize! Please let me know where else I could direct this question.


I'm searching for an apartment/townhouse/houseroom close to the UMich's central campus (within 2 miles) that would allow a dog. Does anyone have any recommendations/places they know of? Any place in walking distance to central campus would certainly be fantastic. I've already checked many apartment finder websites/Craigslist, but I feel like I'm not receiving the entire picture---after going to school here, I am confident there are more dog-friendly, nearby places than the apartment finder websites are showing.


Thanks in advance! Help a fellow Wolverine out!



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I had a dog near campus while renting from Issa properties and old town realty in the past. I also know of a place on Ventura ct that allows dogs if that's not too far for you.


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It's just the upper half of the duplex of a friend of mine, but I can't find the listing online. It's also a lot bigger than a studio/1BR--I think 3BR--so I'm not going to keep trying unless you're interested in a bigger place, too.

NOLA Wolverine

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Depending on your room mate/cash flow situation, there should be a host of smaller houses that allow dogs. In-house laundry and off-street parking are a huge plus in my book. 

As far as apartments go, I remember walking by a lab that would always poke its head out of the third story apartment near the Church and Hill street intersection. 


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Apparently my desperation is somehow greater than my love for michigan sports because I'm just making an account now after following this blog for forever. what kind of dog do you have? We have a female German shepherd and can't find a place in AA after looking for a few weeks now. Any help would be fantastic.


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woodland mews at the corner of aa saline and eisenhower are dog friendly, we have 2 large dogs.  Its only 1 bus to downtown also, the 16 picks up right in from of the apts, and its close to 94.  they have townhouses and apts


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For as much as McKinley sucks, most of their apartment complexes allow dogs for an additional monthly fee.  They would all be pushing "walking distance to campus," though there are a few that are close to the main street area.  Manchester West, Manchester Flats are both east of Stadium Blvd and would be a 20-30 minute walk to downtown.  Probably 2 miles to the diag.  And they have another bigger complex on Pauline just west of Stadium Blvd.  That would not be walking distance in my book, but a nice bike ride through one of the nicest parts of Ann Arbor.


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Leonberger can hit 170 pounds. I have only seen one, and it was a smaller male, somewhere in the 130 pound range. When it's time for a walk, I think they call you and take you for a walk.



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Not a perfect match, but there's also Hidden Valley Club apartments which are near the south state street commuter lot. It's about 2 miles from there to central campus. The 36 bus, which generally runs every 10-15 mins, picks up at that lot and goes directly to central campus.  They definitely have 1BR, not sure about studios. Also, they aren't very fancy.



Ivan Karamazov

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McKinley isn't the best but they are big enough that if they weren't dog friendly they would loose a lot of potential customers. Yeah the monthly fee is something to grumble about, but it's par for the course unless you find the rare homeowner renting out couple rooms who is dog friendly. I personally live on the north side in a McKinley complex and it's a nice walk to north campus and a short bike ride to central campus/downtown.

As an aside you are about four months late on the apartment search for something as close as you desire to campus. The market is driven by the student population and as such most people like to lock in the following year's lease before they go do things over the summer.