Way-To-Early Projected 2014 Offensive Line?

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on November 7th, 2013 at 11:19 PM

Was thinking about this today. 

Who you got?

I'm kind of stumped with the Center & Right Tackle. 



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No one is thinking that Michigan will win a NC anytime soon, and if anyone does then you dont watch football.  All we are asking for is a well coached team that is competing with our rivals and not to continue to lose on the road to inferior teams (psu).  For me I lost that dream of winning national championship long time ago, probably during RR second year and there is no hope we will anytime soon.  I think we will be lucky to compete for B10 titles.  But I am sure the optimistic people will continue to say next year.  This damn next year never comes.  There is always issues with the team.  I cant understand why we cant be like stanford in football, have a strategy that give us a chance to win.  Not go into a game with no chance. 


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about how good our OL coaching is. However, unless and until we get to the point where we are able to put a line out there that has upperclassmen on the interior, we won't truly know. In particular, I think many people underestimate the importance of an experienced and talented center, something we haven't had since Molk graduated.


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Not a Stanford expert and I know they put some guys into the NFL off their line but did they have the same experience on the 2012, 2011, and 2010 lines?  They have been 12-2, 11-2, and 12-1 the past 3 years.  And in Harbaugh's 3rd year where they went 8-5 they knocked off top 10ish USC and Oregon.   Does anyone believe this team we have in AA would knock off the equivalent of two teams ranked 7th and 10th in Hoke's 3rd?  And before you give me cupboard is bare nonsense Harbaugh took over a 1-11 team.  Let's be realistic - coaching matters.


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I'm kind of stumped everywhere. Seriously, out only two good o-lineman are seniors. I have no idea what our line will look like next year, but I'm not optimistic

Red is Blue

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Seems to/two/too early to write off next year. Not impossible that the guys improve significantly and then you'd have the relative strength of the line grouped together in the middle with the weakness spread outside where it ought to be easier to help with TEs and RBs. That is a much better situation.


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the staff has proven that they are completely inadequate in developing any sort of talent, so my question is, why do you think that anybody will significantly improve? I only see an offensive line next year very similar to the one we have now, without our two best linemen. granted maybe the TE's get a little better but our O line development is atrocious and among the worst in CFB


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"the staff has proven that they are completely inadequate in developing any sort of talent"

What the hell are you talking about? They took a squad that had never won more than 7 games and won a BCS bowl. I'm guessing guys like Will Campbell disagrew with your assessment, and I'm pretty certain there's a direct quote from Mike Martin saying that this staff is light years ahead of the previous in terms of developing talent. People forget that this is one of the youngest teams in cfb, yet somehow expect sophomores and freshman to play like juniors and seniors. Some of them are. But the number one problem on this team is youth, not coaching.


November 8th, 2013 at 7:27 AM ^

All the examples you mention are on the defensive side. I think most people's concerns are among the offensive staff.

Even though I have sounded the "the offensive line has shown zero development!" horn around here before, I think realistically it's too early to really tell whether or not the offensive staff can get the job done. Not seeing any real improvement over the course of the season doesn't make me terribly confident, but I'm a pessimist at heart.


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I'm already in the next year there are no excuses camp although most will say 12 months from now "JUST WAIT UNTIL 2015!!!"  There are 10 guys in the 2012-2013 classes. You throw Bryant and Glasgow on top of that and you have 12 prospects, all that will be in the program in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year.  If the coaching staff cannot put together a viable OL - I am not saying a top 20 OL, I am saying an AVERAGE BIG 10 line with that much raw material to work with, there are no excuses about youth.  If you cannot coach up 5 kids out of 12 from two of the best OL classes across the country to be competent, you have no right to be at the University of Michigan.  Especially if its a repeat of this year where the team on August 28th looks identical to the one on November 4th.  It means you cannot do a thing with players unless they are juniors or seniors and if that's all you can do I can find a decent MAC level coaching staff to accomplish the same for 1/7th the price.

p.s. for what it is worth I'd be excited if Dawson grabs a guard spot as I loved his mean streak during all these hype recruit pieces.  That said Kalis supposedly has a mean streak and has been effectively neutered by this staff.


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I know these guys aren't lineman, but the production they have gotten out of Gallon, Funchess, and Butt at his age are all improvements.  It would be hard to argue they didn't develop them.  Lewan and Schofield were already good, but they have improved as well.  The RB position has been up and down, but that's hard to blame on the RB...same with the QB.  The probelms with development are really specific to 3 positions (left guard, center, and right guard).  Unfortunately it appears those three positions are really important and we can't do squat when they suck.


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I totally agree about Gallon, Funchess (though his improvement probably has a lot more to do with eliminating blocking from his responsibilities than actual improved skill sets), Butt, etc. all look good. There are definitely every encouraging spots on the offensive side of the ball. WR especially seems like a good group.

I'm not sure I'd say Lewan and Schofield haven't regressed this season, but that's hard to parse out from the fact that they're lashed to the train wreck that is the rest of the line. I also probably wouldn't heap all the QB and RB woes on the line; it's been a long time since I feel like I've seen a RB really grow and develop over the course of his time at Michigan, and I personally feel like both Denard and Gardner seem to regres the more time they spent under Borges. (Gardner seems to be kind of turning the tide, a bit, since his TO plagued performances earlier in the year, though.)


November 8th, 2013 at 1:12 PM ^

Has Funchess improved?  I am sure he could catch the ball as a HS Jr.  He cannot block.  It has been 1.75 years and he still cannot block.  Where is the improvement?  He seems to have improved simply be taking him away from a spot where his weakness is exploited.   As for Gallon IMO he has been Gallon for a few years - he just has a QB now who gets him the ball a lot more.  But others may disagree.  I dont see a lot of improvement in Lewan year over year... Schofield maybe. 


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One of the problems with this whole development/next year talk is recruiting.  Because the kinds of players RR recruited are so different we have seen an increase in talent every year under Hoke.  So, we continue to be excited when the next group on incoming freshman are ready to play.  Originally I was really excited for the '12 class of defensive players to be juniors...guys like Wilson, Richardson, RJS, Ross, Bolden, and Pipkins.  It already seems Richardson and RJS will never see significant snaps.  Bolden hasn't improved much, Pipkins is out for the year, and only Ross and Wilson seem to be developing.  But, then the '13 is all about when are those o-lineman gonna be ready?  And, when is Lewis, Green, McCray, Charlton, Morris, etc. gonna be ready?  But, you know what...amost every one of those positions has an even  higher rated recruit coming in next year like potentially Hand, Peppers, Ferns, Speight, etc.  That is both a blessing and a curse.  But, next year will be the first year Hoke's recruits will be upperclassman.  So, I think slowly over the next 3 years we will stop waiting for next year and improve slighly as our young talent gets older.  But, the reality is this won't end for at least 2 more years at a minimum.  The question is still will they develop, and there certainly is cause for concern, but there is still time coming for this argument to get flushed out.


November 8th, 2013 at 10:05 PM ^

I agree with you and it's frustrating, but what highly ranked kid has yet to develop that is an upperclassman?  I can't think of any.  We seem frustrated with Kalis, but he's young.  We are frustrated with Bosch, but he's young.  We are frustrated with Bryant, Glasgow, and Miller, but none of them are really 4-star type of recruits.  I guess Gardner is probably the one criticism that has actually regressed and that is a real head-scratcher because he seemed better last year with less practice and less experience than he has now.  But, is it his fault of the o-line?...hard to say.  On defense I have been frustrated with the entire line, but none of them are 4-star type of recruits (at least not at the position they are playing).  At LB, the only JR/SR are Ryan, who's fantastic, and Morgan, who is not a 4-star type.  On the backend Countess is really a RS Soph coming off an injury, Taylor is not a 4-star, neither is Gordon, and Wilson is sitll a sophomore  So, although I agree, the experienced guys are not 4-star types or higher & the talent is younger.  Gardner is really the only head-scratcher but it's hard to say it's all him.


November 7th, 2013 at 11:31 PM ^

Every Roh is probably correct. I have been thinking Magnuson-Bosch-Glasgow-Bryant-Kalis though. Not as what I think the OL will be, but what I want it to be.


November 7th, 2013 at 11:44 PM ^

A year ago I'd have said this years OL would be:  Schofield-Bryant-Miller-Kalis-Braden

This summer I though:  Lewan-Braden-Miller-Kalis-Schofield

Now it's a walk-on, true freshman, and undersized tackle starting on the interior...none of them expected to do so this year.

No one has any idea how good Braden will be, including our coaches apparently.

Regardless, the OL is going to be baaad.  The guy we all though would be the best OLmen (Kalis) has been passed over by walk-ons and converted tackles.  We may not have a single OLmen who would even be considered an average Big 10 starter.


November 8th, 2013 at 8:27 AM ^

That is the issue, even our coach doesn't know how they will progress. Watching oregon stanford yesterday, makes me feel that the players that dont commit to us become better than the players that do commit to us.  I am not sure why.  Pharoah Brown looked good for oregon.  Garnett looked good for stanford.  Just an observation.  Another one is why is it more likely that the 5 stars we get end up being busts (that is going back to RR era)