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I am in Santa Fe with inlaws, and this town is ridiculous.  I googled sports bars and there aren't any.  (wha?)

Anyway, I know people watched the hoops scrimmage last weekend on, do they stream the footbal games live?  Or do they only stream the events that are not broadcast normally?




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Google harder. If there are two things in every American town it's a sports bar and a lonely person wandering the street wearing flannel pajamas.


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Anyway I can score a visual for the game tomorrow online? I don't have the Big Ten Channel either. If not, it is going to be a radio game for me. Thanks for any help!


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Only once was I suckered into purchasing a game on The stream quality was terrible, and I vowed to never again give them my money. If that's your only option, you might as well find an internet radio stream and listen to it.


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Couldn't agree more.  I paid for a basketball game once on and it was flat-out horrible.  I would get a still image every 4-5 seconds, and then another still image after that.  There was a thread on Mgoboard that had at least a half-dozen other people reporting the same thing. 

I contacted about a refund, and was refused.  They insisted that the problem had to be with my computer ( I tried 3 different PC's) and would not refund my money.  That was the last time I will give a nickel of my money, and I would not discourage others from making the same decision.


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Wow.  I was thinking about using a proxy and doing the BTN stream, because I have no problem shelling out a few bucks for something I really wanna see, but after hearing that, that's terrible, no way I'm giving them money, I'll be going with


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I live overseas and I've watched numerous games  on the internet via bigtenticket. Last year i had numerous problems and the quality was very poor, but the one game on BTN this year was about a 100 times better in terms of quality than last years and was comparable to espn's feed, although ESPN's seems to less delay. 

It's a small sample size, and as with anything your mileage may vary, but I've found the quality of the BTN feed to be far far better than the free streams. Whether its worth the money is the real question. 



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i highly reccomend the site

like tonight, they had all the nba games on, boise state game on and more

they carry tons of college games each saturday

they also had a ton of college basketball on their tonight

I wouldn't be surpised if they hace ufc 122 and the Pacquiao/ MargaCHEATo fight somehow on their too tomorrow


Love that website


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I live in England so watching any football is difficcult. I've watched all the Michigan games this season online. Games on the BTN make it a bit more tricky because they get shutdown a lot more than games on ESPN. There should be a stream somewhere and if i find it I will post it up here


November 13th, 2010 at 11:54 AM ^ has okay quality, but I hate the chat section to the side.  I haven't figured out how to turn it off, and there is always an OT debate going on.  Pretty annoying.