Watching Michigan-MSU in Munich?

Submitted by eth2 on October 17th, 2018 at 8:11 AM

Trying to help a friend and alum who is traveling abroad to Munich this weekend and wants to watch the M vs MSU game.  Does anyone know of a Michigan-friendly bar or a good sports bar that can accommodate?  Alternatively, what would it take to watch the game on an iPad or iPhone?

Did check the M Alumni Association page (saw nothing for Europe) and the "Michigan Bar Locator" section here (most recent mention of Munich was 2009.)  Found one good general Munich resource here: but didn't see anything that specifically addressed questions above.

Thanks in advance for any info.


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Someone who has traveled internationally more frequently than I probably has a better answer, but assuming you don't find a bar to go to, if you want to be safe I'd just tell him to pay for a VPN and watch the game that way. 

I used PureVPN when I lived in China for a few months. From what I recall it was really cheap (I think maybe $10-$15/month), and I didn't have to worry as much about streaming issues. Obviously China is a bit different from Germany in terms of internet restrictions, but just something to consider.

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Irish bars are probably your best bet, but you usually have to ask before you show up. I just have a slingbox in the basement of someones house in the US, and watch them at home.


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Champions Sports Bar in the Munich Marriott is not a Michigan bar per se but will have games on and will put the game on for you as they did for me a plus, they didn't even kick me out when I fell asleep during the weather delay for the Michigan v. Utah game....


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Former Münchner Michigan Man here,

Champions is a good spot - they will have college football on all day and it’s easy access from U3/U6, two of the main UBahn lines.

Alternatively, Kennedy’s Irish Pub at Sendlinger Tor (near center of town) shows NFL every Sunday. I’ve never watched a Michigan game there but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the college football package.

if you choose to stay home, I never had problems accessing the reddit streams and I did not have a vpn subscription.


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Go to the UM Germany (or Munich if there is one) Facebook group and ask there. People are much more responsive there than the official alumni contact email addresses.

Alternatively, go to the MSU FB pages of Munich or Germany and ask there. If that doesn't work, find an English language forum and ask where they play any college football games in Munich.

For Streaming, the Fox Sports app may work, but it may also be blocked in Germany (who knows). If you have a laptop, reddit cfbstreams should work as well.


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It's a little far from Munich, but I live in Montabaur (between Frankfurt & Cologne) and I'll be watching it thanks to VPN and the FoxSports app for AndroidTV.  Come on by!

You can get a VPN trial and use that with the FoxSports app (need a TV account login to get the streaming).



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I'll be in Europe for the last two games of the season. The Discord app, like jcctoon mentioned, will work without anything special. If you don't trust that, use a VPN service (I prefer IPVanish which can be purchased for a month for $10). With a US IP address, you should be able to watch any of the on-lines services.

As for Reddit links, I've never been able to get them to work (and I visit Europe every Thanksgiving) and there's too much malware. One year I left my home computer running and then connected to it via Google. There was some video latency but it was better than nothing.


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So, a buddy of mine from Puerto Rico who I lived with my freshman year in WQ, is looking for a nice place to watch this week's game with other UM grads.  I can't remember if he's in a gulag in Siberia or doing research along an Antarctic ice shelf, but if anyone has suggestions, I'll pass them along.  I'm sure he'd be grateful.


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My son has been in Germany since the beginning of September. There aren't any local pubs that carry the games so he's been logging into our cable account and watching them live. I'm sure you can track down a pub in Munich that will have the game on but I'd thought it pass this info along.



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I was at Oktoberfest last year and was trying to find somewhere to watch the UM/MSMoo luck. They moved it to a late start which made it that much more difficult on Munich time  I woke up in the middle of the night to check the score, saw the final and blurted a WTF out loud and went back to a beer infused sleep. It was grim.


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I was just there, and no such luck. There is a sports bar in the Marriott Munich hotel called Champions, but they only show NFL games.

I ended up streaming it on my IPad, but you may have to use your cell as a hotspot, not local WiFi.


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This doesn’t deserve its own thread so I'll put it here: I’ll be in Łódź on Saturday and my plan is to try to use my VPN service to stream it. I’ll be at a conference afterparty for most of it but I should be able to check in from time to time. If anyone knows of a place in Łódź to watch it though, I could come for the end!