Watching Michigan Football in NYC

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I've lived in NYC for the last 13 years and have been cobbling together my Michigan football viewing via going to bars, ESPN3 on my computer, bootleg JustinTV watching, etc.


I actually haven't even had a TV for several years, but I'm about to change that, and being able to watch Michigan is pretty high on my list of requirements for what kind of TV/what sort of cable to get.


I'm thinking of getting one of the computer/TV hybrids, i.e. Google TV or a plug in for a big iMac to be able to access ESPN3 and the other computer options for watching UM.


Or maybe it's the case that Michigan is on ABC or one of the basic ESPN options often enough here in NYC that just having cable would suffice.  I'm not really clear how often they are the featured game here.


Are there any east coasters out there who have advice on what to do?



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All you need is base cable along with $5/month for the sports package.  This package is ideal as it contains some other great games from the SEC, PAC 10, etc...

I have been here for 3 years and have caught every game.  I do however enjoy going to Brother Jimmy's in Union Square on gameday.  It really caters to Michigan fans as it makes itself an Ann Arbor bar during game time.

Menus and music at halftime our Michigan themed.


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brother jimmy's can get super packed.  the other official alumni association bar is professor thom's on 2nd ave and 14th st.  other non-official michigan bars include the hill on 3rd ave btwn 29th and 30th st.  just beware, they're all crowded and usually cater to recent grads.


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don't forget Forum (or at least it used to be)... which is also in the union sq area.  We basically have 3 bars within 10 blocks of each other. 

I'm too emotional at times to share my viewing experiece with strangers, so when possible i stay home and watch the games.


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you should be ok with just getting the standard time warner package  -

ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 - 90% of michigan games have been on one of these 3 channels the past couple years.

1-3 times a year - michigan will end up only on the big10 network.  usually your delaware st./ bowling green type games.  you can add the $5-10/mo. sports package to get BTN - or go to a bar/watch online for those games. 

the HD package is $10/mo.  worth it if you are going to spend the $$$ on a good tv.


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Make sure you get BTN.  Not getting those non-premium UM games that fall to BTN is a real irritant.

Personally I prefer FiOS (better HD, IMO), but TWC HD isn't bad.


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Good enough that my father, the eternal cheapskate who previously had a CRT tv and whatever came in on antenna, got a 60" hdtv and actually pays for the BTN and a DVR because he saw how good the picture was for hockey games on FiOs at a friend's house. I'm really disappointed its still not available in Ann Arbor, and even more disappointed that Comcast appears to have a monopoly on my house.

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I totally mean to be a dick head, but these threads about "What bars do I go to in Panama City?" and "How do I make my living room more like the Big House?" and "What do I do when I get in the shower each morning in order to properly wash myself?" threads really reeeaaaaally bug the fuck out of me. Holy fuck man the magical porn and facebook machine that you are on right now has other functions. It is a vast sea of searches and knowledge. Use it. Just use it.


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I was going to write a really snarky response about how he IS actually using the internet by posting his question in a forum that is likely to have an answer and about hwo your post was so unnecessarily dickish.  Until I saw who posted it.

Your crankiness and general anger at everything and anyone associated with Michigan since RR was fired has been consistent, intense and, just awesome.  I never agree with you - ever - but that's cool.  Keep it up.


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First off, why the hell haven't you owned a TV in years?  What is wrong with you?

In NYC, almost all, if not all, the games are on either ABC/ESPN or the BTN.  I have never had to use ESPN3.  I think the only time I had to watch ESPN3 was for one or two michigan bball games.  As long as you get regular cable and add whatever tier the BTN is on, from Time Warner, you should get every football game