Watching the game with Sparty faithful

Submitted by HartAttack20 on October 4th, 2009 at 12:08 PM

I was watching the game yesterday at my house and I happened to have a couple of msu fans over watching the game with me. That was probably a bad decision as they were getting pretty annoying with the comments and things in the third quarter. The offense was definitely off as we couldn't run the ball for our lives. I was almost unable to finish watching the game with these spartan fans and then it happened, we started making some plays on offense. I had very little hope left untill Stonum caught that beautiful TD pass and got us back in the game. For whatever reason I knew that Michigan's D would come up big and stop Sparty giving us that chance to win the game. My hope went from almost zero to complete faith that we could tie the game up. Somehow, after we got the ball back, I almost knew what was going to happen. Tate has an uncanny ability to make us complete these amazing comebacks. It was amazing to watch the spartan fans' hearts be crushed as they watched the horror that is Tate Forcier in a comeback situation. It is classic spartan fans. They get all up in your face before a game and talk a little smack during the game when they are winning, and all of a sudden they are as quiet as a mouse when they see the other team is coming back. Probably a my bad on thinking it was a good idea to watch the game with spartan fans, but it was still an amazing game and I look forward to see how the team will adjust for next week's game. Cool guys to just hang out with, but not to watch a game with. Anybody else have a similar situation?



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We are 4-1.

The defense played more than well enough to win (in regulation).

Tate's performance in the last 5 minutes goes straight to the record books.

I guarantee you Dantonio soiled his drawers when Tate threw the touchdown pass with 2 seconds left.

I think we can take Iowa.


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pretty sweet being in spartan stadium when the stadium went silent on stonum's TD catch while the michigan contingent was freaking out. same goes for the last td to roundtree

physics guy

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over the years. I have found that when they start talking their ridiculous smack it's best to take the high road and represent your school in a positive way. They soon realize that they just look like 10 year olds in the presence of real adults.


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So I'm not one of the two guys in the front that got all the ESPN coverage, but I was up just about as close to the field but near the 20. The fans whined about a lot of blown calls (far more than I felt were blown, though we did get a call or two that were friendly), but for the most part were pretty decent to me. Only a few started to talk a bit of smack in the third. Especially shot their mouthes off about Denard, but they got told to hold their tongues but others. It was GREAT how silent it went on the tying touch down. I was actually impressed with how decent the fans were. And there is something to be said for gen admission student tickets (though I wouldn't change assigned seating).

Though, on a completely different note, I kind of wish we would have gone for two. We were on the road, had all the momentum in the world, the Spartans were devastated and in no way would have had to let the defense have any more say in the game.


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There were a couple of MSU fans sitting right next to us at the bar yesterday. They were actually pretty cool on the whole and generally had pretty good knowledge about what was going on on the field (instead of just yelling "HIT HIM!" everytime we had the ball).

They definitely started going into meltdown mode as soon as Stonum stiffarmed that MSU safety and ran the ball in for the touchdown. "Oh boy, here we go again. I can't watch."


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In 2004 when we had Braylon-fest, I was watching the game in my dorm room with a few friends and there were a couple state fans in a neighboring room. All game these girls were being obnoxious and coming by and rubbing things in our face. It felt awesome to get in their face after the game, and all they could do was sulk. I was hoping to be able to do the same after this game. Still, I was on such a high from the comeback that I didn't really care that we lost (I was extremely pissed for the first 56 minutes though). I look forward to brighter days of Michigan football.


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Sounds like you won, 20-20. Get used to losing as least as many as you win against MSU, the Bo era is over, and M Rod is 0-2 against the Spartans. You can't play them all at home.