Watching Big Ten Network games in Northwest Georgia?

Submitted by Jeff on August 5th, 2010 at 5:47 PM

I just moved to northwest Georgia and the cable companies don't offer the Big Ten Network even in sports packages.  The DirectTV guy came today and confirmed my suspicions that all the trees will block satellite service.

Anyone on here know of any sports bars that would be good to go to?  Going to Atlanta would be fine, but ideally I'd like to stay a little closer so that I can watch as much of the other games as possible.  Chattanooga would be good.  Ringgold, Dalton, Calhoun?

Edit: I know that I probably won't find anything outside of Atlanta but I can hope for that first.  So Atlanta people I would love to hear your suggestions.



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Line at 285 is the place where alumni go in atlanta.  My guess is if you can find a Buffalo Wild Wings or Taco Mac by you, they'll have any game you need.

Go to the Atlanta Alumni network's site (don't have to join or be a member, they'll let you know when they have viewing parties though.)  They're really nice and if I recall they should still be at Line at 285

EDIT: looks like there's a BDubs in Chattanooga

507 Broad Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402-1222


(423) 752-9464

oriental andrew

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That's been the spot for a long time.  I went there when I first moved back to atlanta in 2001, although it was called something else at the time.  I won an Atlanta Alumni Club shirt once (still have it).  There was also viewing up in Alpharetta at the Brown Derby (?) on Jones Bridge, although that was short-lived.  

OP, where in NW Georgia are you?  Up near Rome?  Calhoun?


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Thanks.  I found this board topic (after posting) about Atlanta bars:  Supposedly the Line closed down and they moved to JR Crickets.  That was last year, so I don't know if anything's changed since then.

I didn't know Taco Mac (which was referenced in that post) was a chain, so thanks for that info willywill.

I'm all the way up in Dalton.  Chattanooga is about 30 minutes, Atlanta is 90.  There might be some sports bar here that will show the games but I would love to watch with other fans.  I just have to decide how close I want to stay versus how alone I want to be.


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The Line has been closed for almost two years, but the Atlanta Alumni Association has watch parties at STATS (which is located on Marietta St. near the World of Coke and GA Aquarium) as well as Pepperoni's Tavern in Alpharetta.


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How close are you to Chattanooga?  Bud's Sports Bar will show games if you ask... but I would go with Buffalo Wild Wings.  Chattanooga has an alumni association that watches games sometimes. 


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I live in Athens and you might want to check if U-Verse is in your area. It just came to my neighborhood a couple weeks ago, but as the only non-DirectTV BTN carrier in the area, I jumped on it quick. Though the last couple of years I've been going to a "sports bar." I dropped so much money drowning my sorrows that they got to the point where they'd put the Michigan game on the main TV and over the speakers as well. Nothing like taking over in SEC country.


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That's an awesome story.  Well, not the sorrows part but the rest.  As soon as the DirectTV guy left, I checked on AT&T's website about U-Verse and of course it is not available.  The next few weeks I am going to have to start a massive letter writing campaign to AT&T to expand U-Verse to my area and Charter to put BTN on their sports package.


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I've heard that there's a good showing of OSU/UM guys at the fox and the hound near hamilton place mall.. Never been because the trees around my house know the score, i'm a-watching you trees!