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Submitted by MAgoBLUE on October 28th, 2010 at 10:53 AM

A friend of a friend is a PSU alumni.  Over the summer I was at a bbq at the alum's house and the subject of PSU football came up.  He didn't know that I'm a Michigan fan so when I said, "they are gonna lose to Michigan this year huh?" he looked at me like I had 2 heads and actually started laughing.  This was back when PSU was ranked pre-season and Troy Woolfolk was calling Tate a disease.  PSU super fan then told me about how GERG is a terrible coach and how the 3-3-5 would be a disaster.  He was wondering if RR would be fired mid-season and asked how I could choose to align myself with such an awful program from a school I never attended.  I stayed quiet and respectful and mentioned something about Denard and how he was ready to take over and make the leap.  PSU fan invited me over for Saturday's game.  I'm gonna rock my Lloyd Carr sweatshirt (grey with MIchigan across the chest) and enjoy myself.


Is anyone else watching the game behind enemy lines?



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The defense is really bad (though, I think we'd all agree that it's not the 3-3-5 and probably not Robinson).

Though, also to be fair, PSU is fucking horrible this season.


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NJU row 90. Sat in similar seats two years ago and its the furthest/highest I've ever been away from the field. It got so loud during that second half that you could feel the seats shaking. A PSU fan nearby said they brought in people a couple years ago to check the seats and to make sure they were sturdy enough/couldn't collaspe.


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No I am not. I will be at a reverse raffle fundraiser for my alma mater for the athletic association. Unfortunately, they will more than likely have tOSU game on since they probably won't have ESPN at the school, but don't worry I will be following the game on my phone and have it recording on DVR at home. Nice part about the fundraiser is it has an open bar and a really nice meal, plus I could win around $3000 for the raffle, so not all is lost.


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Only PSU friends I have are: 2 cute girls (niiiice), 2 friends who don't care about sports (not niiice) and 1 friend who is not in nyc (i met during an internship, and he hates M because he didn't get kid nonetheless.) 

Short answer, no, but please do wear the hat to match.


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As a fan (note: players and coaches are excepted) I've always tried to avoid wearing the matching team logo shirt and hat as it somehow seems a bit too much (think Puddy going to a Devils game).    

But I'm curious if anyone else feels this way or has similar self-imposed rules regarding team apparel.



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I'm watching the game doubly behind enemy lines.  My dad is a Penn State alum and I'll be watching with him... in Ohio.  I look forward to comparing every completed pass to Henne to Manningham.


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".... and, hopefully, enjoy myself."

Just remember, no one likes a gloating fan - objective views of the game are welcome, but anything related to "SUCK ON IT" should be avoided.

But of course if Michigan wins, nothing should stop you from saying "7-2 in the last nine games.  Order is restored in this one-sided rivalry."  And then just walk out without saying anything else.


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Amen... I watch the ND game with my dad (ND alumnus).  It's tough to not go wild and celebrate... and it's tough to not throw something... but at the end of a victory, I pull it together and make sure to not be obnoxious.  My old man can still set me straight, if you know what i'm saying.  (Plus I have a siblings 2 years old and 3 months old, so if I want to bring them over to the darkside, I can't make an asshat of myself.)


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I also have and ND dad (and an ND little sister).  I was raised on ND and I think that there tradition, fight song, etc. actually helped me to be a better Michigan fan. 

We sat together at this year's game (along with my mom who prefers ND and whose birthday it was), and while I cheered when we scored and (especially) when we won, I also showed respect to their fans and my family.  I even sang their alma mater with them as is their tradition after the game.  I may get neg-banged for saying it, but I still love those Domers 364 days out of the year. 

Young Pretty a…

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With all the starters they lost last year, I was really suprised to see that they ranked in the top 20 pre season polls.  I like Rich Rod's idea of doing away with pre-season polls all together


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I'm going to watch at my crib in Philly, so I'll be in PA, but not in "enemy territory." I do work with a lot of PSU guys, but they are pretty nice and shocking similar to Michigan fans (expect a few losses a year and don't talk a lot of shi*).

As an aside, the alumni bar in Philly is a cool place to catch the Michigan games and I suggest it if you're in Philly. I just need to watch games at home, or I go crazy.


October 28th, 2010 at 1:08 PM ^

Buffalo Billiards is a Michigan bar (pretty sure) and Crystal City sports bar in...ahem, Crystal City, is about as good as multi-tv watching/boozing as you can get.  Correction, if it wasn't in Virginia, it would be better but still a great spot.  Also, the "restaurant" across from CCSB is a strip club, so they have that going for them.


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Buffalo Billiards is the place to be in DC for the game.  It's up in dupont (right off the red line).  They always have a section/room of the bar dedicated to the Michigan fans with the game on every TV.  They also have beer specials for M fans.  It was packed for the ND game and the atmosphere with everyone cheering, etc. is about as good as you can hope for  being so far away from Ann Arbor.


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in a bright maize sweatshirt with a HUGE mug full of Sailor Jerry's. I think this whole Bolden question is their last ditch attempt at confusing an already confused defense. I wouldn't be surprised if he did show on the field. This controversy is either a smokescreen or JoePa has lost all his marbles and no one lets him in on what is going on. Either way, I have a good feeling about this game! If Minnesota LOLophers can put up 400+ yards, we can put up 800+ and I hope we do. This is the biggest game for us Wolverines stuck in JoePa country.



Feat of Clay

October 28th, 2010 at 1:33 PM ^

I dunno, I'll be watching right here in Ann Arbor; after the crazyass meltdowns on the boards I saw two weeks ago, one could argue this isn't exactly friendly territory.


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i live in georgia and seem to hang out with every non michigan fan that i go to school with.  im talking *su, msu, wisc, iowa...this week just happens to be penn st.  they get so nervous watching the same with me.  i cant wait to see denard run a train on these guys this week and i can rub it in their faces all year.  GO BLUE!


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,that's Orange County for you out of towners, to watch the game with a PSU '98 alum.  We bet a bottle of scotch on the game almost every year.  This is the first year I'll be bringing the scotch that I can remember, but I'm confident he'll be bringing it next year.

Steve in PA

October 29th, 2010 at 6:26 PM ^

Last time I watched Michigan vs PSU with a PSU fan was the game where we got the wonderful picture of Morelli laying flat on the ground with Branch walking away.  It was one of the top-10 moments of my college football watching career.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch with about 110K PSU fans at the stadium.  I am sure the experience will be 110K times better for me as a Michigan fan.