Watch out, Nebraska coming for Don Brown (not really)

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Living in Huskerland I tend to peruse their message boards to keep informed on the team so I can at least converse somewhat in depth with collegues and friends. Apparently they fired (errr, "didn't renew the contract") of their DC yesterday. Reading through the coments on the Corn Nation post I found these gems by one of their users. In all fairness he got called out, but at the same time their fans are pretty darn delusional about their program nowadays. 

The other guy to consider is Michigan’s Don Brown. We can buy him out no problem, and who would rather work for Harbaugh? No one. Michigan is a lesser program than ours. Get that guy in Lincoln and start making some championship defenses. We all know he’d look good in Husker Red.

If Riley’s smart he’ll go get Venables but I’d be okay with either Venables or Brown.

As for Don Brown, there is literally nothing that Michigan can offer him that we can’t. In fact we can offer him more. We’re Nebraska, while they’re just some overrated program with a psycho head coach. Our defense should be the best in the country every year, so go get Don Brown. Steal him from Michigan. Offer him more money. We shouldn’t just throw up our hands and say "Oh well, it can’t be done. They’ll never leave where they are. Why should we even try?" That’s bullshit. Complete, utter f—-ing bullshit. This is the Blackshirt Defense we’re talking about. Why aren’t we getting the best?? Every time someone argues against making progress it’s like you’re spitting in TO’s face.

Seriously, it’s time for our program to nut up or shut up.

You guys think Brown would go for it??? He makes a compelling case. /s

EDIT: Guys, this is all in good fun, some light internet ribbing. Of course we have fans like this, most fan bases do.



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You may have heard of this scandal that happened at PSU a little while ago, and how PSU fans are rather inclined to believe Joe Paterno knew nothing about it... 

oriental andrew

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what a maroon. 

The one thing that WOULD make sense about Venables moving to NU is the fact that he's a central plains kid - grew up in Kansas, played and coached at K-State, coached at OU before going to Clemson. With the success they're having at Clemson, though, I can't see him taking anything other than a head coaching position as his next gig. 


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"We even had a chance to get Harbaugh, and imagine how awesome it would have been to rip him away from Michgan fans"-Boiler Husker. I mean these fans who believe right now Michigan and Clemson are lesser programs and can get any elite coach they choose are ridiculously delusional. Nebraska is a historically great program, but right now they are a little above average BIG10 team.

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oriental andrew

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It seems like Boiler Husker is the resident nutjob. The exchanges typically go something like this: 

Boiler Husker: Michigan is a lesser program than ours. 

Everyone else: "That's... debateable" and "and we haven't been relevant since 2001"


BH: "Venebles should leave for another challenge... there is literally nothing Michigan can offer him that we can't."

Everyone: "More delusional fantasies," "You seriously can't believe half the stuff you write," and "hottest of taeks"


BH: "Nebraska outclasses everyone in the Big Ten in matters of prestige, tradition, and national interest. Name one school in this conference that has a better stadium, better facilities, and better fans. Go on… I’ll wait."

Everyone: "Not a single coach would say it’s easier to win in NU over OSU, MU, and PSULol get over your fan homerism and see the reality of the situation" and (ok, so this is from an osu fan, but I found it funny) "OSU. Any more brain busters?"


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It looks like it's just one guy ("Boiler Husker") ranting about us and no one else taking the bait.

On another note, it's funny how everyone assumes that Les Miles must be a defensive guru since his LSU offenses were terrible.



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Hence why I said "in all fairness he got called out", however this isn't too far off the actual mindset of many of the hundreds of Husker fans I know/interact with reglarly. They might not be of this magnitude, but many truly believe they could get one of the elite coaches to leave their current program for Nebraska if the AD would just try, and simply cannot see the reality that their program will likely never be more than an Iowa level program from now on due to the landscape change in college football.