Washington State HC Mike Leach blasts the NCAA re: satellite camps

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“It appears that the selfish interests of a few schools and conferences prevailed over the best interests of future potential student-athletes,” WSU coach Mike Leach said in a text message to the Seattle Times. “The mission of universities and athletic programs should be to provide future student-athletes with exposure to opportunities, not to limit them. It appears to me that some universities and conferences are willing to sacrifice the interests of potential student-athletes for no better reasons than to selfishly monopolize their recruiting bases.

“I will be fascinated to hear any legitimate reasoning behind this ruling.”



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This is absolute truth.

I've never, EVER been a proponent of getting rid of the NCAA, but at this point they serve no purpose. People are still being paid EVERYWHERE and the only legislation that passes is biased towards specific member schools.

We lose nothing but the pretense of legitimacy by doing so.

Get rid of them.  This absolutely hurts high school kids.  Fucking outrageous.


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Well put. The only other reason I can think of is that other coaches didn't want to work as hard as remaining competitive would require.


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Yep, those three. Corruption incarnate.

Sometimes I think FIFA might be the least evil because the NCAA and, at least in the past, the IOC, try to make their money on the backs of 'amateur' athletes. But then I think of Sepp Blatter and his third-world cronies siphoning off tens of millions of dollars meant to help people, and I'm like Nah they all can burn in hell.


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Per the SEC.

Emperor Saban wanted this ruling, so Empereor Saban got this ruling.  

He doesn't want to work in the offseason.


It was either this ruling or letting Alabama and only Alabama sign 180 players on scholarships a year to keep the status quo.


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NCAA sucks. This whole idea of marking the territory is absurd. Hope SEC and ACC get f***ed every year. Talk about hypocrisy. Hope more coaches openly challenge this. I really hope Harbaugh does not get fed up with NCAA and its absurdities. Let us win a couple of championships in a row. Go Blue and F*** NCAA