Washington Goes Down!!

Submitted by DJEasy12 on October 15th, 2017 at 2:11 AM

Washington goes down 13-7 to Arizona State who was 2-3 going into the game and had previously allowed at least 30 ppg to most of their previoius opponents. Crazy college football weekend


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ASU was throwing passes and not playing conservatively during their final drive to run out the clock...they even went for it on 4th down near mid-field. ¡Cojones!


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I can't get too mad at a defense when 1) it's asked to start a possession at its own 20 and 2) intentional grounding apparently is no longer a thing.  IU's two scoring drives in the fourth quarter totaled 62 yards of offense.


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Bit of revisionist history right? Indy started from inside the 20 on their TD drive.

It featured a rub route where the "rubbing" wr just ran right into the DB covering the guy that scored. In other words it was an opi that was not called and freed up the wr. I guess at this point, if your a coach against Michigan you tell your guys to not run an actual route on rub plays just go and block the DB for a second then run a little further and turn around after he disengages because it will not be called opi.
I guess, what I'm saying was they did not torch Michigans d in the fourth. Not by a long shot.


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Of note. They went for it on forth and 3 from the around the 30 because it was outside their fg range and they can't punt from there.
Also, that was there only down field pass, the rest were of the wr screens. The interesting thing was the play before they ran a screen that was broken up and stopped the clock with just over 2 left when Washington was out of time outs. Which was a very stupid decision there that was bailed out by their only down field pass that I remember seeing on that drive.


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so much for an uninspiring weekend of football!  The craziness continues.









All lose and





VERY lucky to have won.


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Many here cannot discern between realistic and optimistic. Harsh criticism of this team is not welcome here. We have the o-line appreciation thread, Higdons chance for a Heisman thread, yeah seems pretty delusional to me. One good day day rushing the ball and magically the o-line is fixed and we have a Heisman candidate. Nothing like a good dose of Indiana to cure our ills.


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Im sorry but I think there needs to be distinction between 2 of his 4 very lucky teams. Miami trailed the whole game until a field goal gave them the lead late, and usv trail most of the game by 2 scores before rallying late only to have Utah score with 42 seconds left and went for two and missed.
These are examples of teams getting extremely lucky to win.
Both Okla and Michigan had comfortable leassost the games and had to save off a late push, with Michigan getting pushed into ot. I don't think those two should be in the same category. Nor would I think it was fair to put the 4 top ten teams in the same category of bad losses. All 4 we're bad but wsu got beat 37-3 which is far worse than the other loses.
Saying Michigan was lucky to survive after Indy went team chaos for the last few minutes of the game is far. Putting them in the same "lucky to win" category as Miami and USC is a not accurate imo


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But you’re crazy if you think Michigan was “VERY lucky” to have won yesterday.

They were in control almost the whole game. IU scrambles at the end to tie it, but OT felt pretty comfortable the whole time.


October 15th, 2017 at 9:16 AM ^

Going into OT, IU was on a 10-0 run in a low scoring game. Our offense was still feeling sluggish and was completely one dimensional while IU's offense somehow seemed to be picking up steam. When Karan was initially met in the backfield on his TD run, I was thinking 2nd & 12 is a death knell for this offense. We got lucky IU also had 2nd & 1 from the 3 and decided twice(!) to roll their right handed QB out to the left for a throw


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A lot of these teams rattle off a few big wins and then get too much credit for it. WSU beat USC who isn't that great and they end up in the top 10. Auburn beats a bunch of weak SEC teams and ends up in the top 10.


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I mean come on, we knew some funky shit was going to happen when #2 & #8 both lost on Friday the 13th. On a side note, chaos weekend is the best weekend every year in college football.


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To check on the whisky rations

Finds kegs missing. Blames the ancestors of Wolverine Devotee. Has them hanged. Turns out it was just a math error. Wups.


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As long as the dead ancestors had first procreated there is no issue. Think of it this way: the vast majority of your ancestors (and all of them from the 18th century) are dead--maybe even some hangings along the way-- and yet you are here. (Yes I am having trouble sleeping tonight...)


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I don't recall that any of mine were hung - I know a couple were actually tortured and executed on the orders of Mary, Queen Of Scots, most notably the poor soul who was the Bishop Of Rochester of the time. I mean, shit happens and  you refuse to recant from time to time and people get upset about it, that's all.