Was there a single holding penalty called against psu?

Submitted by crg on October 21st, 2017 at 11:29 PM
So the offiating seemed eerily familiar to last year's OSU game. After the major holding non-call on Gary in the second psu drive (which would have negated their big pass play), I noticed at least 4 more missed holding calls against psu (there may have been more - just what I saw). Was there a single hold that was called against their offense? Are these officials ever actually held accountable for this (probably not)? Please tell me UM will submit a compiled tape of these to the league office (which will likely be ignored, but still).



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Fine.  They're offensive gameplan was far superior and ours is often downright baffling of late.  (Pep, Drev, and JH clearly aren't in sync as a play-calling unit.) 

But how soundly do they beat us if 4-5 holdings get called and makes their OL more honest.  I'm with the OP, the number of holds I saw on Gary alone were unreasonable.  How many DBs were kept from getting to a tackle because of having their jersey or arm held by a WR?  How come nobody is asking how every week, every opponent manages practically 0 holding calls against this defensive line?

I always defer to UFR, but it's another week of feeling the table was tilted.  Would we have won?  Doubt it.  But it's potentially not quite whatever that was.

Everyone Murders

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The noncalls were what the "that" I led off with was referencing. I could have been more clear, but I too was cussing at the TV, getting looks of surprise from Ms. EM.

My point was that they still outplayed us. The refs taking our DL out of play definitely played a hand in that. But we still got beat by a team playing better than us, we're still young, and we're still on course for great things.

South Bend Wolverine

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PSU deserved to win by about 14.  Refs didn't hand them the win, but they did turn it into a blowout.  Also, it takes a lot of the fun out of watching football when it's clear that the refs have decided in advance how they're going to call it.  Didn't always used to be this way, but it's damn near every week now.  Incredibly frustrating.

kevin holt

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You could argue that, and many will, but when our best position group is DL, turning off holding makes our defense much more vulnerable. You see the threads asking what went wrong with Brown's game plan? Well McCray on Barkley isn't as bad if McSorely only has 2 seconds to throw. Instead we were getting held every snap --- it was way more than 3-4 times. That's a recipe for us getting killed. So yeah this is a worthwhile complaint


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was practically in Philly.

The WRs at Indiana last week were closer to the 'area' than any PSU player.

We don't get holding calls.  Our DBs get picked mercilessly (OPI).  PSU lined up in the neutral zone multiple times (not quite as much as MSU) - yet we've drawn the only call I've seen all year.  And now two weeks in a row of clear grounding not being called that had material effects on the games.  Allen gets to scream and walk out to the numbers - no call.  WR pulls on Kinnel's arm band, DPI.

Like I said, I need the unbiased lens of UFR.  If Brian says we didn't get hosed, I'll change my tune.  Didn't feel like it live.


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One penalty called on Penn St all game I think.

It’s interesting because it’s really how you stop a Don Brown team. Hold the hell out of the pass rush to buy time.

Also plenty of holding by their WR downfield.


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I think they had 1 penalty for ten yards! Not that it mattered a lot in the end. But that is basically saying they played a perfect game.

When is the last time Michigan was only called for one penalty in a game?

Gucci Mane

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The refs hate Michigan and harbaugh. Considering it’s so easy to be a ref some of us should try to get to big ten level and make calls that help Michigan.


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If this is the case, is it something that is because of the history of the program, or is it the behavior of our coaching staff and fans? In basketball, working and managing the refs is a something all elite coaches do. Is it different in CFB, and is there anything we can do about it?

And yes, in a more rational, impersonal world that none of us will ever live in, football rules would be adjudicated by objective refbots.


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I was wondering why no holds were called, but I'll wait for the UFR.

The bottom line is that they could get their star running back against Mike McCray and their senior receiver against pretty much any safety, and they could score with that or get big plays. And that's pretty much ball game for Michigan. Great gameplan from them; they won, and I don't think the refs really handed it to them. 


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They didn't win because of the holds, but it was pretty egregious at times.

But again, you don't lose 42-13 because of holding penalties.  Just like you don't lose 49-10 because of missing linebackers.


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Gary was doubled over trying to back up and get to Barkley on the first TD run (the 69 yarder). Doubtful Gary could stop him, but a hold is a hold.  That should have come back.  Also, Hudson was held on McSorely's first TD run.

I mean, the defense was destroyed.  But if the refs aren't calling the penalties that are there, how does anyone compete?


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We need snowflake threads for officiating too, don't we? 

Not that it would stop the constant onslaught of such threads, but we apparently need one to at least take the brunt of the blog's initial salvo of threads about various calls, non-calls (of which there were several in this game) and penalties.


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too. If anyone has DVR please check every time we made a first down or went out of bounds in the 2nd quarter and watch the game clock run constantly. absolutely awful that no one caught it. we need to hire someone to sit in the booth and just watch to see if the clock operator fucks up. this game was bad!


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Sure, the officiating was crap, but it wouldn't have mattered. We got assblasted into outer space


Complaining about last year's OSU game is justified, since Michigan pretty much outplayed their opponent. This, however, was a mess.


The officiating does suck pretty badly, though, and it does so rather consistently. B1G refs are trash and they're putting an awful product out there on the field no matter who's playing, it seems. 


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It is annoying because it has been this blogs go-to excuse the last 13 years. Literally any close game inevitability brings out the “THE REFS HAVE IT OUT FOR MICHIGAN” crowd. So either all the refs in the country have secretly made a pact to specifically screw over Michigan for some unknown/unmotivated reason, or fans are just grasping at any reason for a poor performance.

Yes, refs are human and can make bad calls, but over the course of a season it isn’t like Michigan is experiencing some statistically significant difference in bad calls. They just become more noticeable and easier to blame when the team/coaching sucks.


October 22nd, 2017 at 12:08 AM ^

that's not true. I'v seen RR rea, when the team is that bad, the refs still make many bad calls against us. That was when I notice John Oneil.


If you think ref is human, why don't you admit the fact that they can be bias too. In fact, the bowl game are usually fine because it's called by refs from other conference. It's the BIG ref clearly has some agenda.


Not that it matter in this game. The thing is PSU relied on ref to beat OSU last year. they won't get away with this in Columbus.

Ref can kill drive, one holding flag in timely manner can kill a drive. they can screw your game plan allowing the oppositing team hold like held when you can't even cut block their defender (yes, i am talking that play, our OL didn't even engage that defender, how the hell is a chop block?). they can also screw your QB allowing the defenders late hit him without call (Yes, I am talking about MSU game, the ref was literally stand next to the QB when he got late hit). The first quarter and how the ref call the game can greately influence the game, usually they will balance back in 2nd and 3rd qrt. When the 4qrt is close game, they will use their flag again when it's necessary. I'v seen the pattern again and again in many BIG game (Michigan and non-Michigan). We are not BAMA and can dominate other team so the ref just doesn't matter. 






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1 penalty for 10 yards seems to be a statistically significant anomaly for a typical cfb team, but PSU is averaging on the low end - closer to 4 penalties a game. It seems strange that their best penalty performance came against vthe best d-line they played.

The frustrating thing is a single penalty can be a drive killer, but PSU just wasn't getting them.