Was Captain Cook Exposed?

Submitted by Wings Of Distinction on December 31st, 2015 at 11:22 PM

He certainly is no Cousins.

Is Jake Rudock the Better Qb after all? In terms of leadership and respect of teammates I'd say so. 

Go Blue! 

Beat Florida.



December 31st, 2015 at 11:27 PM ^

game was not on Cook. Bama suffocated them in the trenches. Not sure Warner helped MSU much either. There was no where for him to go with the football. No where.


January 1st, 2016 at 10:38 AM ^

Watch the videos of fans at the OSU and PSU games cheering when UM lost to App. State.  Then tell me to root for OSU because of "conference pride."


I hate that "conference pride" stuff almost as much as I hate OSU and MSU.  I'll root for whatever is in Michigan's best interest, ie rooting for OSU to beat MSU to keep Michigan's chances alive for an appearance in the B1G Championship game.


But this?  Sorry, "conference pride" is not in Michigan's interests enough to convince me to root for Ohio State today.  


Did you root for OSU and MSU in last year's and this year's playoffs because of conference pride?!


I sure as hell didn't.


December 31st, 2015 at 11:27 PM ^

Yeah 34-5 all time record.... with no running game tonight against the best D in CFB. 

He is a good QB.  Not elite.

And apparently a huge douche. 

Can we not have 30 MSU threads tonight post game?  Jut make one snowflake one and celebrate.


December 31st, 2015 at 11:28 PM ^

but is dinged up, playing against an excellent D, and his receivers dropping a few very good passes. 

doesn't change the fact that he has some character issues.  buddy's son punched him out last semester for hitting on his girlfriend and apparently not taking the hint.  


January 1st, 2016 at 12:43 AM ^

For a thousand days.

Would never make us look like the "little brother". 

The memories of Sparties telling me, as I walked back to my truck, that they "kicked your ass" after a 1 in 1000 punt block will always frame my narrative of the "little brother". That is who they are.

The "little brother" isn't about threads. It's a mindset.

Mr. Yost

January 1st, 2016 at 12:59 AM ^

I said had.

Not now, but going into the season? You have to be kidding me...he was pretty much a consensus top 5 pick, with many folks putting him #1 overall as the best QB.

You must've missed it, because I guarantee there are plenty of others than can claim the same thing.

Roc Blue in the Lou

January 1st, 2016 at 12:44 AM ^

I'm not a football coach and i don't play one on tv, but i've been saying since the UM game that CC is missing something.  Obvious recognition of massive AL talent aside, Cook seems like a deer in the headlights when it matters most.  I should know, living in St. Louis, as we drafted MR. DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS Sam Bradford #1 the year the Lions took Suh...damn, I wanted him for the Rams.  But my draft nightmare aside, Cook is to blame for a passing game that cannot get the ball to one of the better ballers in Burbridge.  Agree that is the CLOSEST MSU gets to the Playoffs from this point forward in the Harbaugh era. :)