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He Buckeye born and bread

I wandered over to 11w yesterday to see what the masses thought about the Ryan Day hire, and there were more comments in the “Cris Carter sez Hairball is for realz leaving” thread. They bought it, hook, line, and sinker. The fucking sheer stupidity that leaks out of that fan base is astounding. I can’t imagine why anyone would take anything Cris Carter says seriously. 


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...everything wrong with the Internet and sports TV. 

Here is an old article that trashes Carter while saying his departure from ESPN is a good thing for the network (I think the two shit shows belong together):

This link also has video of Carter's "fall guy" comment, if you want to see it.


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I have absolutely no fear that Jimmy is leaving. I do have a hard time understanding why Bacon and Warde have had time to make public comments but Harbaugh has not, tho. I mean, just shoot it down. I don’t see what’s to be gained in not doing so. 


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He has never done that, anywhere.  He won't address the rumors, only act as though he does not know they exist.  There is a remote chance that when he says that it is actually true, though, Harbaugh certainly walks to the beat of his own drum.

I guess I am in the minority of people, however, that does not think it incredibly ridiculous that Harbaugh would be very interested in the Packers job.  It is close to his home, it is a very storied franchise with legendary coaches and players and he would walk right into working with one of the best quarterbacks of all time.  I am quite sure he is at least answering the phone if the call is placed.


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Its not closer to his home than is Schembechler Hall.  You may not know this, but Jim moved his entire family to Ann Arbor a few years ago.  He also setup his parents in a house a few doors down from his not long after he moved his own family.  He sends his young kids to the same Catholic grade school that he went to.  His family - including his parents - are treated like royalty in Ann Arbor.

I doubt he's all that interested in Green Bay.  Especially since (to my knowledge) he's never lived there.


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I know all of that.  I still don't think that the possibility of him being interested in coaching Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in the same NFL football division that he played in for most of his career is all that far-fetched.  It is not like he would be moving half way around the world.  Coaches make moves, they take opportunities.  I am not saying that I think he would take this one, or that Green Bay is even interested, but the logistics of "living in Ann Arbor" are not like a built in shield against him being interested in other jobs.  I certainly think if the Packers make a phone call it will definitely make it passed the "screener."


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I look at it very differently - Harbaugh has complete control over everything that happens in his program at UM. In his 4 years in the NFL, Harbaugh had little control over the roster, the free agents, the draft choices, etc. I don't think he would be interested in any gig that didn't allow him to have total control. Do you think the Packers would give that to him? I don't think any NFL team will give that to him. When Carroll got that he had already won 2 NCs and built USC to be the premier program in college football. Harbaugh, unfortunately, has not done that yet. 


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The only issue with that is the question of whether Harbaugh doing that at Michigan is really within the realm of possibility.  I think coaches want to win, regardless of who they are and where they are.  I am quite certain that Harbaugh did not sign up for "co-champions of the East" with no conference title game appearances.  He is four years in and the only question coming his way is "when are you going to win?"  That has to become tiring after a while.  He has also spoke frankly about his dissatisfaction with the current playoff structure and has openly stated he believes that there should be 16 teams in the Playoff. (As in the NFL). 

I am not trying to stir the pot, I obviously have no real "information" about this topic.  I guess there are two different questions: 

Does Carter know what the hell he is talking about?  Lol absolutely not.

Would Harbaugh be interested in coaching the Green Bay Packers?  I don't really know. Maybe? There is reason to speculate that he could.


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"Would Harbaugh be interested in coaching the Green Bay Packers?  I don't really know. Maybe? There is reason to speculate that he could."

For me this sits firmly in the 'Borrowing trouble' category. 

He's stated before that he hasn't been interested. Anything can happen, but I'm not going to worry or speculate about it. 


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I am just differentiating between "could Harbaugh have interest in another job" and "does what Carter is saying have any merit."  There are some people who meet any discussion of Harbaugh leaving Michigan is some completely ridiculous notion that would never happen.  I don't and have never felt like that about the possibility if the right opportunity arose.


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That is kind of what I am saying.  I don't think Harbaugh has any interest in leaving Michigan for [Random NFL Opportunity] in the same way that I don't think Mike Krzyzewski has any interest in leaving Duke to coach [Random NBA Opportunity].  But if the Lakers had an opening this off-season and asked to have a sit down? 


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Harbaugh is in a no-win situation in responding to NFL rumors. Responding:

  • Makes it a bigger story
  • Means he has to respond to all future rumors or the act of not responding becomes a story
  • Encourages any CFB analyst looking for some clicks to start more NFL rumors 

If he says something recruits will hear more about Harbaugh to the NFL than if he doesn't. 


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Do you represent the PR firm that Harbaugh's agent has contacted about how best to handle this very situation?  Because I have money that says his agent has contacted a PR firm about how to handle this very situation on many occasions. 

I mean, do you really think people like Harbaugh's agent leave this up to chance?

M_Born M_Believer

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It is actually the other way around. By not stating anything he gives to zero credence.  If he were to say anything, that would only give Carter more air time and add legs to his "sources" even when he would completely deny it.

Because JH could swear on a Bible that he is not going anywhere.  Do you honestly believe that EVERY media blow hard (particularly one with hidden OSU agendas) would just say "Oh, JH has spoken, end of topic."?  No, it certainly would not and it would only add more unnecessary air time to a wild ass rumor that Carter is just trying to stir up.

By JH 'ignoring' the rumor and allowing Warde and Bacon speak on it just keeps Carter whimpy ass comment where it belongs...... In the never ending pile of Internet garbage of BS


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He responded in the past and these rumors have been demonstrably false for years so he can put out that video anyway if he wants to.

The thing is, everyone already knows sports media is bullshit so putting the video out (or any response) just means another round of Harbaugh + NFL headlines and speculation (my sources say waiting for a job on the West Coast to open up....will see what John does first....wants to win one conference championship at Michigan first so he can feel good about leaving....bullshit bullshit NFL bullshit).

More broadly: The more people talk about Harbaugh going to the NFL, the more the general public will have the takeaway "Harbaugh will or might go to the NFL" regardless of what the actual context of the discussion is. 


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If Carter's goal is negative recruiting in favor of OSU, I don't see how saying "CC is a dope and I'm not looking at any other jobs" is no-win.  I know that this has been Jimmy's MO, and I don't care that much, but it seems easy enough to do.  I think not responding to something like this creates more clickbait junk.