The War on Rutgers plot thickens

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on May 9th, 2016 at 6:30 PM

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This is going to shock you but Rutgers has gone back on their outrage over other teams that can easily pluck talent away from them coming and doing camps.

Rutgers has since decided to become an OSU puppet state and is teaming with them and Temple--another team who can actually beat PSU--on a satellite camp. 


Rutgers announces a satellite camp with Ohio State and Temple at Fairleigh Dickinson.

— Chris Vannini (@ChrisVannini) May 9, 2016



Rutgers mouthpieces on twitter are claiming this to be a RETURN SHOT OF FIRE!!1 since it is on the same day as our camp at PC.

Durkin is actually getting commits from top talent to Maryland (seriously) while Ash is already running back to mama for help. I just thought I'd throw that out there. 





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Seems pretty anti-recruit to prevent them from being seen by as many coaches.  Should schedule it a different day or join up and appear at Paramus instead.


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I agree and think this is an unforced error that will come back to make Rutgers and OSU look bad. Harbaugh has been saying form the beginning the camps are good opportunities for students to learn football and be seen. Other coaches say "no he's just recruiting." By scheduling camps on the same day, Rutgers and OSU are preventing kids' opportunities to learn and be seen in favor choosing where they want to be recruited by. I think this will help H's pitch. 


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No kid is going to a satellite camp to meet rutgers coaches.
Anyone who attends is going hoping to be noticed by OSU. Rutgers and temple are like the sun belt teams that will attend camps hoping to pick up guys who OSU, michigan, bama, etc.. isnt interested in.
If anything rutgers has made themselves look bad because they cant get kids in state to goto their camp without help from Ash's old boss doing him a favor.


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Funny thing is I can see both beating PSU this year.  If Ash wants a big win in year 1, his best bet is to hype up the PSU game as it's a historical power, is the closest team, and recruits NJ heavily.  Wins will be hard to come by for Rutgers but if he can get a win against a team with a big name it would mean a lot going forward, even if we all think PSU will have a bad season due to their coaching staff.


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This has the distinct feel of responding to your neighbor appropriating and absconding with your lawn edger by setting your own shed on fire in retaliation. I am not sure why, but I have this image of Chris Ash trying to show the Big Ten that Rutgers can compete for players by going to a place where its prospects for getting players are perhaps are the worst, at least for top-tier talent. Very interesting strategy indeed.


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Has Rutgers really fallen low enough to be OSU's side bitch at one of these things? They're in the same division Fergodssake

Clarence Boddicker

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BC would be terrible fit. The football program's high points are: A couple of good years under Leahy before he departed ("de-PAH-ted") for Notre Dame; Flutie's Heisman and upset of Miami (YTM) in '84; an upset of Notre Dame in '93; a good year in the 'aughts with a good coach who recruited poorly and left for an NFL coordinator position after his good year. The basketball program's high points are: A cheating scandal lead by New York mobsters Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke; diddly-squat. Boston is a pro-sports town with no divided loyalties among people who root for those teams. EVERYBODY there roots for the sox/celtics/bruins. The only people in Boston who follow BC are students and alums. Kids going to schools other than BC detest BC--there are no Emerson kids with BC flags in their dorm windows or UMASS-Boston kids with BC Superguides in the works. Oh, and BC plays in a bandbox that seats little over 40k with limited space for tailgating.


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This feels like a petty move on their part. Will be interesting to see who goes where. I didn't really think of the satellite camps turning into a B1G one-up competition, but ok.


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I didn't really think of the satellite camps turning into a B1G one-up competition

Oh, yes.  This is the specific reason the SEC had previously banned them.  It was not to protect them from non-SEC teams, it was to protect them from themselves.

Harbaugh will show up in the south for a week or two and that will be the end of it.  But Saban, Miles, Freeze, et al, will live in each other's knickers all year long.  

The SEC knew this and tried to keep it from happening.  But it backfired on them when they tried to take on Harbaugh and then turned into whiney little bitches when they starting losing.