Wanted: Spike Albrecht highlight tape

Submitted by artds on April 2nd, 2013 at 3:31 PM

Granted, it would be short (like Spike!), probably under a minute long. But he's made some very exciting plays during his short (!) career, particularly during the second half of the season.


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Is this guy living large or what?  A year ago he was... not a heavily recruited point guard.  Today, he is getting real minutes on a final-four Michigan team .  Good stuff!  I love how undaunted he is by it all.  I have a feeling we are going to remember Spike's years at UM.


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A lot of people (myself included) raised an eyebrow when Beilein took Spike over Amadeo Della Valle, who held offers from OSU, Zona, and Gonzaga, and was ready to commit. I have since learned not to doubt that Beilien and his staff know exactly what they are doing. 

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go on to become a NBA lottery pick, I forsee a great career at Michigan.  Will be a fan favorite, play with tremendous heart and be a thorn in the side of B1G opponents for 3 more years.  Glad Beilein can see potential where 98% of others cannot.

Amadeo looks like the sad, unforgiving truth- that he will not be in Ann Arbor, but the Armpit of the Midwest for 3 more years- is setting in.  


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I saw a recent interview of him and the fact that Belein gave him an offer when his only other one was app state is not lost on him. He expressed a lot of gratitude to both coach b and Michigan as a whole, talking about how he is going to do everything possible to prove that coach b was right in offering. These types of players are crucial glue and character guys for any locker room. His ability to contribute this year in any capacity is just a bonus to me.


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I can see Spike becoming a much better point guard and not as good a shooter as Hulls.

Even when Hulls was the point guard before Yogi got there you could never imagine Hulls making plays like Spike's transition lefty one-handed cross-court bounce pass in traffic against VCU.

Or the steal off the inbounds and pump fake and finish against Florida.

I think Spike is already a better ball-handler than Hulls ever was, and has 1000x more upside as a playmaking point guard.

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Sorry to threadjack, I can't make a post (not enough points), but Rutgers head bball coach was fired for being basically the worst person ever. Seriously, read some of the allegations made about his coaching tactics and check out the video, the guy was throwing basketballs at players heads and calling them "fucking [homophobic slur]", completely unacceptable stuff.



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I don't know if any of you were at the exhibition game for which Trey was suspended, but Spike played most of the game and looked really good. 16 pts and 6 assists IIRC. He will be more than capable at PG if Walton isn't ready to start next year.


April 2nd, 2013 at 5:15 PM ^

that, or severely sleep deprived. Remember how late the Kansas game went. he had a little over 24 hours to watch tape on Florida. then he hopped a flight back to Detroit, and arrived in A2 around 10:00 PM.


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Spike getting a big chance to add to that tape on Saturday because Syracuse is going to trap the ball out of Treys hands. its imperative that Spike and others drive and dish. Penetrate that zone. I think we may see a lot of Trey and Spike on the court at the same time as in some other games.


April 2nd, 2013 at 5:40 PM ^

Including myself wrong. Yeah sure we knew he'd get 5 or so minutes a game, but hitting open shots (3 balls included) and sharing the court with Trey was a shock to everyone. If you don't agree, your not being honest!


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I like Spike a lot, and I think he will find ways to contribute throughout his career...

However, I think Derrick Walton will come in and immediately take Trey's spot...


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I like Spike a lot, and I think he will find ways to contribute throughout his career...

However, I think Derrick Walton will come in and immediately take Trey's spot...