Wandale Robinson commits to Nebraska

Submitted by jbibiza on December 5th, 2018 at 2:48 PM

Wandale is an incredibly dynamic RB/Slot/ Weapon whom we recruited. It looked like Frost would get him at Nebraska, but then he committed to home state Kentucky. He has now de-committed and will join the Huskers. 
This kid is tailor made for the Frost offense and could be the next Rondale Moore.




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Pretty sure anyone who is committed to the class right now will sign in December.  Think of Otis Reese last year.  If they want to wait til February, they ain't coming to M.

Now WHO is going to get LOI's out of our current list of commits, that may be a more interesting question given the current size of the class and the number of targets remaining.


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"any current commit who doesn't sign in December is either someone the staff wants to look around, or somebody who isn't sure of their commitment, depending on whose decision it was to not sign early."

Since you say that Daxson Hill isn't signing early, I gather we should not be shocked if he decommits. If he does, hello Alabama.


December 6th, 2018 at 2:25 AM ^

"He did NOT say Dax Hill won't be signing."

You're right, but he did say:

"any current commit who doesn't sign in December is either someone the staff wants to look around, or somebody who isn't sure of their commitment..."

It's certainly not the case that the staff wants Hill to look elsewhere, so Toboggan's other explanation for Hill's not signing in December is that Hill himself is unsure of his commitment.

Following that line of thinking, anybody who is unsure of his commitment at this point in the process is by definition considering the possibility decommiting.

All that said, Toboggan might be completely wrong about why Hill or anybody else is not signing early. Hill might have reasons having nothing to do with the nature of his commitment.


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Goddammit! This guy's film is incredible. Seems like we stopped pursuing after we landed Giles Jackson? I fear he is going to terrorize us now that he's with Nebraska. I agree he will be perfect in Frost's offense. Sheeee---ite.

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Agree with everything but the Rondale Moore comparison.  Robinson is not nearly that gifted, though he is still very good and Frost will maximize his potential.

Good get for the Huskers.  Looking forward to having a West division that isn't a complete tire fire.


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Rondale Moore was rated 118th to 247, Wandale Robinson is currently 117th.

Rondale Moore ran a 4.33 40 at a Nike combine, Wandale Robinson ran a 4.22 40 at a Nike combine.

Rondale Moore was listed at 5'8.5" 174lbs as a recruit, Wandale Robinson is listed at 5'9.5" 179lbs as a recruit. 

Rondale Moore is from Louisville, KY, Wandale Robinson is from 45 min away in Frankfort, KY.

Their first names are rhyming variations of one another RonDALE and WanDALE and their last names are just common english last names.

I realize only one, maybe two, of those things has to do with talent, but they're basically the same person.


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"Could be" the next Rondale Moore, eh? He also "could be" the next giant bust no one ever hears about again. In fact, my "could be" is probably far more likely than your "could be". 


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Geez, what a sketchy recruitment

EDIT: If anyone is wondering, apparently Kentucky and Nebraska were basically having a bidding war over this kid


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Little surprised we didn't ramp up the communication with him once it became clear that Gray was going to be leaving the class. I like Giles more, but I feel like there would be room for both of them on the field at the same time.