Walk ons Cut from football team--WHY?

Submitted by oldblue on June 30th, 2018 at 2:35 PM

A friend's son walked on to the team and was told he was on the team. He went through spring practice and has been in the weight room with everyone else, and then, last week, he and a number of others were simply told they were no longer on the team. This does not sound like Harbaugh's normal way of doing things. Can anyone explain this to me. Not surprisingly, the kid (and the others) is devastated.



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You can only have 105 players in fall camp I believe. So, it's not uncommon where some walk ons are left out of fall camp and then invited back once the season starts. Maybe that?

4th phase

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The communication issue could be that we are getting this story 3rd hand about his "friend's son". Considering everyone on this blog knew players would not be invited to fall camp (supposedly including scholarship guys), I doubt the guys at practice were unaware. It's still probably disappointing for the kid and his family.


July 1st, 2018 at 11:54 AM ^

Yep. Communication issues with parents are OFTEN because the correct thing is not told to the parent by the kid. Sometimes kids want to avoid embarrassment, and sometimes kids just generally aren't great at telling ALL the information.

I had a parent apologize to me just last week, because his kids didn't tell him ALL the information, so he sent me a nasty e-mail that was totally off base.

Anyway, I doubt a bunch of walk-ons were kicked off the team entirely. This is part of the deal with preferred walk-ons coming in, though. The PWO kids have to have a spot on the roster, so the student body walk-ons have to play second fiddle.

Blue in Paradise

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They thought the sky was falling because JGJ was coming in as a 7th string walk on QB.

one guy, maybe AK47?, was crying over the loss of a walk-on spot.

After going suicidal, the following folks went silent on JGJ: Maizen, or whatever the hell his name is now, MGrowOld, Albatross, AK47 and maybe Caesar?


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Probably because 17 recruits just showed up and they need to make space. There's always more roster room in spring for walk-ons as seniors have departed and most scholarship freshman aren't there yet. 

The party line is everybody knew where they are ranked 1-105 coming out of spring so it's surprising to me that this would be out of the blue to him. 


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I walked into the M-Den to buy the MJ Retro 12’s at 11:00 o’clock last weekend and they told me I had a spot.  But they were all sold out.  So I was spot on when I walked in, although when I walked on out of the store, I was not in possession of my promised Retro 12’s.  I am still disappointed.


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For walk-ons, being told you have made the team is not the same thing as being told you will be on the team forever.

I feel sorry for the kids who misunderstood, but that's doesn't mean anything untoward has happened. And though the next part is untoward for me to acknowledge, it's still true that their disappointment is somewhat born of a bad assumption they made about what making the team actually meant.

Believing it was forever was a very bad assumption. 

The Fan in Fargo

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Focused your entire life? Give me a break powder puff. How many of these walk ones can actually afford to play football and go to school full time there on their own dime? Not very many and most are spoon fed little yups in my opinion just shut up for the sake of the real men in this world! Losing a little sister to cancer is devastating. Not getting to play as a no talent show all on at Michigan isn’t. I can assure you it shouldn’t be anyway.


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It probably because of how many players are allowed in fall camp. Remember when it was mentioned around her that Harbaugh has said even scholarship players wouldn't be invited to fall camp if they weren't in the top 105 or so players on the team. 

Mr Miggle

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It should be clarified that being in fall camp is not the same as being on the team in the fall. Fall camp is actually in the summer. The NCAA puts a limit of 110 players only for that. Once classes for the fall term start, the limit is off and more players will join the team.


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As a walk on you had to know you are in the 100-105 range, so any transfer or recruit will bump you off the team. I hope your friend does not develop a bad attitude. I would tell him to keep working out and stay in shape. As long as he stays enthusiastic, he may get back on the team during the season if there are injuries. I know a lot of friends who tried to walk on in the early 80s and they were all dismissed right away.


June 30th, 2018 at 3:11 PM ^

It sounds like the cuts are being made as discussed for fall camp.

I am sure it was devastating to be told you were on the team and then to be told otherwise later on, but I believe the understanding for walk-ons always was that this could happen depending on the scholarship situation and other factors. 


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My understanding of why any players are cut from any team in any sport is that they're not as good at playing [INSERT SPORT HERE] as the rest of the players on the roster.

Or they did something pretty bad and there was a video.


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He probably had made the team for spring, then was trimmed for Fall when the freshman class comes in.  Maybe they could have handled it a little more tacitly, but this seems normal. 


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There's a number they needed to get down to prior to fall camp. Harbaugh has been very clear guys will be cut, including scholarship players if they fall behind walkons.