Wading in the waters of tRCMB, post Marshall

Submitted by FabFiver5 on May 11th, 2013 at 2:51 PM

I took a chance and waded into the depths of the RCMB for a little Saturday afternoon enjoyment after the Marshall commitment. Meltdown is in full effect. I found this gem that made me literally LOL:

I don't know what's in the water in AA, but it's making kids believe whatever it is they're selling. I'd be very interested to see what the average visit is like down there. Between the dump of a city, the hideous girls, and a disgusting, inarticulate slob of a head coach, I'm surprised they can even put together a recruiting class - let alone a top ranked one. Nostalgia for the 1800s should only be able to take a program so far in 2013.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone! 



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I've long expected Fitz to parlay his on-field success plus NU's academic standing into recruiting (like JH and now Shaw at Stanford).  One class is far from enough, but I could see NU consistenly recruiting on the top half of the league.  I hope they do.

Perkis-Size Me

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We'll see. This is a critical year for them, and if they can capitalize on the success they had last year, turn in another 10-win season and maybe more, they could find themselves in the mix for a lot more nationally ranked recruits. People are starting to realize Fitzgerald's abilities as a coach.

Facilities and school interest will probably continue to be an issue until Northwestern wins a Rose Bowl and people decide to start donating, but Fitzgerald has slowly been building that program up to where it is now. I think if he was at a school that actually invested in and gave a crap about its team, he would have won a lot quicker.


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So yeah, Sparty.  Big bro took a few years off to try new things, some good, some bad, but adjustment period is over now son.  That was sneaky of you to go around telling the world you could elevate and recruit inter-galactically while we were all flat footed making adjustments.  But everyone knows you have nothing but a 12 inch vert that lets you maybe, and I mean maybe, touch a share of a Big Ten championship trophy once every two decades.

The elite recruits know there's only one program in this state with the vertical to reach beyond the Big Ten and touch a chance at the NC, and thanks to them we're getting ready to jump real, real high lil bro.  You can see it coming.  You and the Bullock famiy.

Now get out the way or get told.  But you won't.  You live to be a nuisance to us, that defines you.  What a sad existence.  Oh and enjoy Ohio and Penn State in the room now too.  Lolz.




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Posting to say the thread is stupid is accurate and ok; posting to say "who cares?" is contradictory and annoying?  


The act of replying to a post hardly evidences great feeling and emotion; takes about 2 seconds, and "who cares" conveys poster's exasperation with the subject matter of MSU always cluttering the boards, no?


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My sentiments that this post is stupid, were simply to say that it could be kept in the Hello thread. If he wanted to respond that the thread was not necessary, it would've come across better than just writing "who cares?'. Also, if you are having feelings of "exasperation" from a message board, you should evaluate your life, no?


May 11th, 2013 at 3:41 PM ^

in trying to make your exaggerated points.

But yes, if you find repeated posts about MSU's fan base to be exasperating, "reevaluate" your life. If, however, a message board post merely generates feelings of "hatred," such as you felt in your original post, keep on doing your thing!


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Actually, most people are fine with 'who cares' posts and prefer them to elongated posts that say the same thing. Most people think brevity is a good thing. Most people are also more annoyed by posters that are annoyed by 'who cares' posts.

Most people also think that when one poster gets schooled by another poster the schooled poster shouldn't respond by making a lame comment about others caring too much about a message board. Most people think that argument just goes in circles.

But hey, I'm not most people and you are A-OK.




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Message board posts along the line of "Player X commits to rival school, rival school complains about said commitment" is an endless carousel.  Happens on UM sites as well.  It's just not freaking newsworthy.


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I, too, ventured and can sum their feelings up like so:
UM cheats
UM pays their recruits
UM is the biggest negative recruiter in the conference
Starts/Recruit rankings are irrelevant


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Tired of these endless posts about Sparty fans freaking out on RCMB.

It's all they do. Well, that and write stupid posts 

i.e., B1G schools fighting dirty against MSU Football

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Dude getting freaky with his pet peacock...

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or the coup de grace (with a "would bang" designation)

Teacher Fired Over Bikini Pic

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Fact is, it is common knowledge that RCMB is about reactionary and/or child like posts...so checking their reactions after a supposed 'commit' flips to Michigan is just leading to an obvious outcome.

Dutch Ferbert

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That's why it's on so many "best of" lists. Also, A2 actually has a decent job market.

Ugly girls? Yes, Michigan is not Arizona State, but there are plenty of attractive girls. The douches who make comments about ugly UofM girls probably wouldn't have a chance with an attractive girl who is also intelligent.



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I've never understood how someone could make generalizations about the physical appearance of students at a school of 40,000.  In my experience at Michigan, there were girls that fit into every possible category ("hot sorority girl" included).    

The "They have ugly girls" thing is a typically juvenile, little-brother insult.  Why people here internalize it, I don't understand.


May 11th, 2013 at 6:22 PM ^

I've lived all over the country - in Phoenix and Dallas, in particular, and now in Chicago - and there are a disproportionate number of attractive women in the southern half of the country. But last time I checked, East Lansing was in the northern half. So, I'm not sure how a town a few hours away could claim the same geographic tendency as a region 2500 miles away to the south. But the bigger point: if you're picking a school based on women's looks, um, yeah.