Vote for Trey Burke for Male College Athlete of the Year

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on May 8th, 2013 at 4:18 PM

Looks like is doing online voting for a male and female college athlete of the year.



Trey is up against Khalid Holmes the lineman from USC, Cornell wrestler Kyle Dake, St. Cloud State hockey player Drew LeBlanc and Duke basketball player Tyler Thornton.


I know the MGoCommunity loves it some voting competition so get to it.



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Love Trey and everything he's done for the program, but Kyle Dake is the college athlete of the year. Four NCAA titles in 4 years in 4 weight classes - without a redshirt year. Also, he moved up a weight class this year in order to have an opportunity to take on last year's wrestler of the year (David Taylor from PSU) and defeated him 3 times this year. Just an amazing athlete and one of the greatest NCAA wrestlers of all time.


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I'm a Cornell grad and I've watched him for 4 years. He is absolutely incredible. I think he plans to keep wrestling and try for the Olympics (he finished third at the trials last year). However, most people don't see him getting past Burroughs. If wrestling stays in the games and he is willing to stick it out til 2020 I think he'd have a pretty good shot (but that's a long way off).


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OK ok, wrestler, amazing, etc. etc.  I'd point out, wrestling is NOT gonna be an Olympic sport someday, unlike hoops, so, like, ok, right, not relevant.


Explain to me how a Dook basketball player makes this list?  Trey was All-Everything in hoops this year.  Won exactly every national award.  So on what possible basis does ANY other hoops player make this list?  And, how on Earth does this guy from Dook make it, over every other possible option?  It's embarrassing, really.  Surely, in ALL of college sports, there is SOME other male athlete deserving to be here, instead of a second basketball player.  Like, maybe, first freshman to win the Heisman?  Or... Denard!


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This list is absolutely insane. If a guy is not the consensus best in his particular sport, how can he possibly be the best of ANY college athlete? I don't see how the USC football player or the Duke basketball player can be considered at all. Seems like you'd have to be an idiot to vote for either. (On an aside, I'd never heard of either of these guys). Couldn't they at least find somebody who dominated his own sport?

That leaves the Hobey Baker winner, Kyle Dake, and Trey Burke. Dake is the consensus #2 NCAA wrestler of ALL TIME behind Cael Sanderson who went 4 years undefeated in the 1990s. I don't think anyone is making the case for Burke or LeBlanc to be the greatest ever at their sports. Case closed. Dake is the best.





















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Yeah, I had to vote for Kyle Dake also.  4 years, 4 different classes (last class was above his weight), 4 national championships, and 2 straight undefeated seasons.  No brainer.