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Unfortunately ....  I was born in Syracuse, New York and grew up there before studying at the U of M before returning to Syracuse in what I thought was going to be a short stay before getting my MBA. I was a December grad, having transfered fromm EE to LSA and losing some transfer credits. The really BAD snow storms  made me apply to Syracuse and the next month I walked on campus. Syracuse is no match for Ann Arbor and Syracuse University is no match  for the University of Michigan...  Go Blue ! Go Orange  ??? So I will always be a Michigan man not an Orangeman .! The best part of living in Syracuse as a kid was seeing Ernie Davis,Larry Csonka, John Mackey, Floyd Little, Jim Brown, Dave Bing ,etc play sports but outside of that........I wish Miss Mew York well but it is no badge of honor to say you were born in Syracuse, NY


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Nina is a relative of mine!  She's a great girl and very deserving of what she has accomplished and hopefully more.  Our entire family is Michigan Alum's...and bleed blue!  Please do vote for her!