Volleyball wins! Going to Semifinals

Submitted by outwest on December 9th, 2012 at 1:32 AM

Michigan just beat #2 Stanford 3 sets to 1.  The win puts Michigan Volleyball into the National Semifinals for the first time in program history.  Michigan will play Texas on Thursday December 13 in Louisville, KY.


Penn State will play Oregon on December 13th in the other semifinal.





December 9th, 2012 at 1:35 AM ^

Great match. Job well done. Took a punch in the first set and gave it all to take the next three.

Everybody did great but special shout out to Lexi Erwin for an outstanding game and helping to figure out the Stanford block.

Congrats and beat the Longhorns on Thursday.

Great to be a Wolverine.

Philip A. Duey

December 9th, 2012 at 1:38 AM ^


Congratulations to the University of Michigan Women's Volleyball team on their first ever NCAA Final Four!

Having been there during the days of Zimmerman, Hunt, and Paz, this group is something else! Taking down Stanford in 4 in NoCal is a real milestone achievement for this team and for the Rosens, who have taken this program all the way up to un-dreamed-of heights!

Good luck next week against Texas (and hopefully, Oregon/Penn State), and Go Blue!



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Beating Stanford at Home(it was basically a home match this time) 3 times in 4years knocking them out...The all time winningest VB team...GO BLUE! BEAT TEXAS!

E. Gordon Gee

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I'm a fervent follower of volleyball and Michigan was taking it to #2 Stanford like I've never seen before. Pulling off an upset over Stanford again in the tourney speaks volumes to the evolution of Michigan Volleyball. I can't believe I cheered for Michigan to win and beat a west coast team in Stanford. Unbelieveable kill percentage and assist  for the Maize and Blue girls that I haven't seen all season long. For all Michigan fans in the Louisville, KY area go support your team. Volleyball is an amazing sport that brings highs and lows and its the first time Michigan is in the National Semifinals. I've been fortunate to get tickets from a friend that goes to UK this week and will be cheering for a PSU vs. Michigan title game. 

Good luck versus Texas. They have some outstanding hitters and a very high kill percetange and Michigan is going to have to adjust to Texas power stye of playing.



Wolverine Devotee

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Great win! That's two Top-10 teams taken down so far in this tournament run! Ended #9 louisville's season back in the 2nd round on their home floor (and where the Finals will be played) and now just took down #2 stanford for the 2nd year in a row on the west coast!

Great milestone for the program. Just two more wins, and Michigan will be the only team in NCAA history to win a national championship without ever having won their conference. Amazing. 

GO BLUE!! Beat texas!


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This is awesome. That was a great match. I am riding this victory early into the morning and combining it with the Saturday night open thread. PBR stays flowing!! Hell of a job girls


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Great job!  I'm always concerned when Michigan plays a west coast team late at night.  From the time stamps of the posts, it looks like the match ended about 1:30 am Eastern Standard Time. It has to be difficult to mantain a high level of energy that late.


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Congrats to the Michigan women's volleyball team! It was such an exciting match last night. The great thing too looking ahead is that the team only has one senior on the roster. This is definitely some great experience for them and next year should be exciting as well. Beat Texas!!!!!


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I haven't really followed volleyball, but always got the impression that it was dominated by the Pac 10 schools.  So I was surprised to see 2 Big 10 teams in the final four.  Can someone please give a quick run down of the power teams and where Michigan has been historically .  Thanks!


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seems like we have stanford's number in recent history. way to finish girls!! texas will be tough but if we can limit their sophomore who's really really good we have a good shot. texas is very tall so it'll be a battle. but this is awesome making history for michigan. if we can beat texas we could beat penn state like we did earlier this year. but let's focus on texas first as this will be a difficult task.

San Diego Mick

December 9th, 2012 at 12:43 PM ^

With more to be had, good luck Ladies, take it to the Longhorns and hopefully it will be an all B1G Final where we "Shock The World"!!!

Beating Stanford on their home court basically and so late at night is impressive as hell. This can only make the team tougher and more resilient going forward and having already beaten Louisville on the same court for the Final Four is also helpful I would have to think.


Go Blue!!! Let's make MGoSoftball wrong and make this the next Championship to be had by the Wolverines!!! Sorry MGo, just sayin'


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I hope they do win a NC.  This would certainly take the program to the next level.  Unranked M rolls through the traditional powers: the landscape has changed. 

I will be in the center of the Diag signing Yellow and Blue if they win.  I have to admit that I did not see this coming.

I watched the entire game last night and we dominated.  Even in the first set which we lost, I thought we were the better team.  It didnt look close to me.


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Give an assist to Bo:

This is a team with depth and cohesion, but no dominant player.

That’s why when Rosen brought out Bo Schembechler’s “The Team” video clip after road losses to Illinois and Northwestern in mid-November, it resonated.

The Wolverines felt the U-M legend was talking to them and they’ve embraced the concept ever since.

(from Free Press article titled U-M volleyball team flying high -- all the way to the Final Four)