Visitors for Wisconsin game

Submitted by Magnus on October 11th, 2018 at 8:33 AM

Here's this week's wonderful list of players visiting Michigan (LINK). I'm a little surprised at the number of kids coming from far away (Florida, Georgia, Texas, etc.). Quavaris Crouch was supposed to take an official visit, but he's rescheduling (presumably because Michigan wants to roll out the red carpet when not so many players are in town). There are still some big-name guys coming though, including Zach Harrison and Trevor Keegan.



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Not officially a "Maize Out" -- Nebraska was the only game officially dubbed as such. However, the AD would be wise to hand out maize pom-poms to all fans entering the stadium Saturday night. Seven years later I still get chills watching clips of UTL with 114,000 maize pom-poms waving to the beat of "Seven Nation Army."


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Send the video clip to Warde, along with the B1G/BTN revenue numbers.  There is no reason not to provide pom-poms for these games.  Other than the simple fact the both Manual and Harbaugh do not seem to like night games.  I mean, it seems like easily simple marketing 101, to me...


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You want kids to get on campus as soon as you can.  They would not delay his visit, it would only hurt IMO.  Who knows if he ever takes it in the future.  You get his visit while you can.  I don't think this is a good sign.

Harrison visiting is a great sign IMO.  I hope the crowd is into the game.  Hope our ends show out to, but its hard to against Wiscy because they pass 8 times a game.


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The atmosphere for a close win over a ranked team would be better than if it was a blowout.  I'm all for winning comfortably, but I'll take a tight game and a last minute win to maximize the atmosphere for the recruiting impact.  

Yes, I know I can't simply order that up, but it would probably be our best outcome.

yossarians tree

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I think Sam Webb said he is rescheduling because he wants his mother and grandmother to come on the visit, which Sam takes as a very positive sign. He also said Crouch has only played one game this season due to injury, that his team is 0-8, and that he would likely not try to get back on the field but would shut it down and get healthy for his first college season.


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you should read what Steve Lorenz had to say about this topic. the school and the player agreed that a later visit was better. The player is uncertain about playing in the cold the school is going to have him up for a game when it is colder to show him that it is not that bad. they are going to show him all the great things no matter when he gets here. He also is reportedly rescheduling in part because of his grandmother and making sure that she is able to make the trip to see the school with the rest of his family. which is a good thing because she has been a big part of him wanting to stay close to home

Trader Jack

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Are you sure Bryce Benhart is visiting this weekend? I just read on 247 a couple days ago that he was tentatively scheduling his official for the Penn State game, baring any conflicts with his high school playoff schedule.


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Magnus, why the supposition that Crouch is delayed for the red carpet but not Harrison? Is this a reflection of the staff's view of those guys? 

Oregon Wolverine

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Yes, chills.  That was by far the wildest game I’ve ever attended, by far.  Electric.  The Forcier comeback was pretty awesome too, but paled.  

I had season tickets from ‘84-91, was at the Natty against WAZOO, and do my best to catch a big game yearly, home or away now that I’m on the left coast.  

Maize should be the standard attire for all games as blue blends w/the crowd.  Agree pom-poms should be handed out for all rivalry home games, except Rutgers — where maize barf bags make more sense. 


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Would be really cool if we could have alternate sections where maize or blue. Iowa had gold and black sections for the night game vs Wisco and it looked really good on TV.