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I'm posting this here because it's spring break for a lot of kids and it's a big visit week/weekend. There are lots of big-time prospects coming in this week, including one of the top cornerbacks nationally (Jabrill Peppers), his offered teammate (Juwann Bushell-Beatty), and a guy who's close with the Countess family (Sam Mustipher), along with several other prospects.  Overall, there are about a dozen guys, although visitor lists always fluctuate.…



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like this, will the coaches integrate the basketball game into the weekend?  Will there be special effort made to include the success of the basketball team as part of the overall success of the athletic program?  Just curious if there is any overlap/interplay there?

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The get the tour and visits with coaches and academic folks out of the way during the day.  At night when the basketball game is on they will be with the player hosting them and I am sure they will be watching the game.  What a cool thing for these guys.  Hanging out on campus in AA while the team plays in the FF.


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I don't know that there's a whole lot to elaborate on, at least not that's publicly known.  Michigan and Notre Dame were supposedly neck and neck, but word is that Notre Dame has fallen out of favor (whether it's because they turned him off somehow or because Michigan did something to woo him).  I'm not really expecting him to commit to Michigan this weekend, but he and Pallante are the ones wo watch.


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I think Hand could play on the weakside, and McDowell could play some 3-tech.  It would be a good problem to have, because there are lots of combinations to play with, and I think both of them have some position flexibility.  Hand is an excellent athlete, and if McDowell can stay low (and I think he can), then he shouldn't get blown off the ball consistently.


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Thank Magnus for writing this up.  Are they all coming in for the weekend or week?  Sorry, at work and they block access to your site.  Thanks again.


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If DB wants to pony up money for a private jet to take everyone down to the final four, ill gladly offer my services just need another pilot typed in a CRJ.

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I have been following recruiting for the last several years, but it really seems that the caliber of recruits interested on Michigan AND actually visiting Ann Arbor this year seems to even be a notch above Hoke's prior seasons (which were already very impressive). Am I off, or are we closing the gap a little on the Alabama's of the world? Thanks!


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I think Hoke's recruiting has improved each year, and the 2012, 2013, and now 2014 classes/recruiting have been progressively more impressive.  I do think we're closing the gap between us and the Alabamas of the world.  Last year we got visits from a few elite guys (Kendall Fuller, LaQuon Treadwell, Derrick Green, Leon McQuay III, etc.), but this year things seem to be going even better with the elites (Da'Shawn Hand, Jabrill Peppers, Sony Michel, Elijah Hood, Bo Scarbrough, Braden Smith, Adoree' Jackson, and Malik McDowell) are all top 30 guys to Rivals who have visited, scheduled visits, or mentioned interest in visiting.


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I think we need to up the optimism on this kid.  There's an insider article at ESPN where his coach talks about him being a lifelong Michigan fan, and the fact that it probably will be a factor in his recruitment.  Quote:

As a kid if you get the opportunity to go there and play for the team you root for, if you ask any kid they would jump all over it," he said. "It does factor in, of course, and that's part of why they're in the top group. At the same time he's smart and if it's not the right fit he won't try to fit a round peg in a square hole.


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It's well known that he grew up as a Michigan fan, but Michigan does not appear to be leading in his recruitment (at least prior to this visit).  Ohio State appears to be the leader.