Visitors: Michigan at Ohio State

Submitted by Magnus on November 24th, 2012 at 11:12 AM

I put together a list of the guys who are visiting Ohio State for today's game.  It's not the same as visiting Michigan, of course, but a lot of guys who visit and like Ohio State are also candidates to come to Michigan.  You'll see a lot of familiar names on the list, because a bunch of them have been offered by the Wolverines or have visited Ann Arbor over the past few months.…



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how often do you think players feign  (or at least overstate) their interest in a team so that they can go to game against their favorite team?     I am sure some people at the osu-uofm game today are there to see us,..

Isn't there a story that Steve Elmer chose ND at the UTL game last year when he realized that he liked them better?

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I think it happens fairly often for big games.  Sometimes kids just want to see big rivalries and good players.  Elmer was a bit of an odd situation.  I don't think kids have "epiphanies" about which school they like, so I'm guessing Elmer had an inkling that Notre Dame was his favorite before he actually announced his decision.  

You even see comments sometimes where kids say after a visit, "Yeah, it was nice. I just wanted to go see Team X play Team Y because it's a big rivalry" or something like that.  They never really indicate that they're considering the school they're visiting.  And a guy like Sony Michel visited Michigan for the UMass game, mainly just because his brother is a Minuteman.  But it doesn't really hurt to get a kid like that on campus.

Another example is Billy Price.  Price visited Michigan for the OSU game last year, and he tweeted anti-Michigan things from the sideline.  He announced for OSU in February, but I actually heard that Michigan's coaches rescinded their offer because of his tweets.  He was never coming to Ann Arbor but took the perks of being a prospect.

I don't mind kids visiting schools they're not particularly interested in, but insulting the school that's hosting you is pretty classless.


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Has Conley even visited since his commitment?  I think at one point two of his teammates came up for a game and he cancelled on visiting.  If he had at least visited a few times I could see holding out and continuing to recruit him.  For someone who claimed to be a lifelong fan of Michigan at the time of his commitment, it just does not seem to add up that he will end up at Michigan.

He has seemed more interested in extra visits than Michigan for awhile.   It also sounds like he has his mom adament that he goes elsewhere with his dad in Michigan's corner so some internal family issues as well which cannot make a decision like this any easier.  Hope he makes the best decision for himself, but I just dont see him ending up in AA.

turd ferguson

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Wow. It sure would have been nice to have a marquee game or two in Ann Arbor this past season, even if for no reason other than to build up our 2014 visitor list. This year to year imbalance irritates me (and hopefully will be gone soon).


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Sorry for my ignorance because maybe this is so obvious for some that it was not mentioned.  But, I didn't see how these kids are visiting.  Are they standing on our sidelines, ie visiting Michigan at an away game, or are they standing on OSU's sideline and visiting them?  Or, are they just in attendance and in the stands to see both teams?  Sorry, I'm just not sure who they are actually visiting.  I'm sure if it's an official visit it has to be OSU since it's in Columbus, but does that mean they can't be our visitors to see us play away from home?