Visitor seating at OSU?

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Thinking of going to the game this year in Columbus since I'll be a few hours away visiting (non-OSU fan) in-laws. A long way off, of course, but are there any places that are better or worse to sit in terms of getting pelted with bags of urine?



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The visitors section is currently around 8c.  The student section is most of the fill-in and the lower odd numbers in C deck (where I sat in 06 and 08).  

To be honest, you're gonna get showered in abuse no matter where you sit, so just take it all in and don't worry about it too much.


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Urine, beer, or spit ending up on me would be the recipe for me spending the night in jail. Seriously though, if you knew who through this at you, I wounder if they would remove them at your word in order to curtail a possible serious inicident, or just ignore you because you are a Michigan fan. I only wonder because I want to make the trip myself.

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fans have a little street which they call North High street. For Michigan fans they call it the walk of shame and I will warn you that a long walk down campus to Ohio Stadium is not a fun one. They will not hesitate to throw cans, bottles even, sometimes even rocks and of course a beer or two.Including constant verbal harassment. If you have any Michigan bumper stickers or license plate that say Michigan Alumni or anything Michigan, I would advise parking in a garage and on the upper levels of it too. The man who threw it at me was not removed by the way. Either an usher didn't see him or nobody cared. If you plan to sit in a lower level seat be warned because for a Michigan fan those can be the worst seats in the shoe.

speaks for itself


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This video says it all. I hate them so much. I LOVE Michigan and I can not bring myself to go to a game there. I think I would get into a fight withen 10 minutes of getting there. I have been to road games before but never in the "Armpit of America."  Illinois and Northwestern  were fine. There was the normal heckling but overall they were fine. If you do venture down there just try with a group and RENT a car.


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I've been to the 'Shoe three times as a Michigan Grad - I can tell you I have not been in 10+ years. During the three trips, Michigan is 1-1-1, and I can tell you the year we tied tOSU was the year Grbac was hurt and Collins came in to play, that was the "best" I was treated. The idiots in Scarlet and Gray didn't know how to act, they were pissed off they didn't win, yet, they didn't lose. I got out of there very easily. The best trip I took to Columbass, a friend of mine took me in his single engine plane - flew from A2's airport into Columbass, took a cab to the game, it was great, a 35 minute flight over a 3+ hour drive with Michigan Tags and the Ohio State cops looking for you.


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I went in 2006 for the big game.  It really pissed me off, all of our fans were in a thin sliver down the right side of the stand-alone closed off endzone (when looking at it from the field).  Then there was one little section below us and across the gap (in the end of the U shape).  So it wasn't really a good away section like I have experienced at Notre Dame or Penn State.   The worst part was, our band was in the other endzone at the middle of the U shape in isolation..


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Really, anything away from the students is about the same bunch of toothless jokers.  I have traveled thrice to the horseshoe.  Once for the 1 vs. 2 game which was the most violently I have been treated.  A bigger issue than where to sit (remember they have marshals in the stands) is where to park.  After a few trips, I no longer  tail-gait. OSU fans are famous for vandalizing Michigan cars.  We had three tires slit one year, and were doing no more than drinking out of the back of our car. .  We now park away from the stadium and  pre game at BW3s (Or whatever they call this now – I still call it BW3s). There is traditionally a pro Mich group there. UM alumni also runs a tailgate.  I have not been to one at OSU