Violations Presser

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at 1. lets hope this goes well.



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we'll see how the Q & A goes afterwards...maybe should pull a Tiger so the goons @ the freep can't start anything. I hope they outright denounce the findings from the freep, and make them look as bad as possible.


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but minor.

The CARA reports are not required by the NCAA but they are part of the UM NCAA approved compliance procedures. UM failed to follow its approved plan. That will likely by some kind of "failure to monitor" violation. It will be minor.

There's no way that the NCAA spends 6 months in your house and you walk away clean. It's impossible, I don't care who you are.

But we shall see in a couple hours.


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I agree that the NCAA will find something minor to "justify" the time they spent at UM. What sucks is that Rosenpuke and Shyster will also feel that their "expose" was "justified." The rule book is so huge and ambiguous that everyone is violating something, even if they are trying to run the cleanest program in the history of the NCAA.

We will obviously find out soon, but I can't imagine any outcome that would merit more punishment than the free pass given to OSU for their multiple minor violations in Tressel's tenure. IIRC, that equals "nothing."


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If nothing comes of this I will be as childish as possible and send mocking tweets to all the freep guys.

Twitter accounts:

Mark Snyder: freepwolverines

Michael Rosenberg: freeprosey

Drew Sharp: drewsharp

and let's add:

Dave Birkett: davebirkett

for being a jerk in the press conference.

btw. if this comes out unfavorable I'll cower in a hole somewhere until it all blows over.


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I wonder what to think of the fact that Rich Rodriguez will be at the presser. I can only imagine that it's a good sign, right? Michigan has not in the past displayed disgraced coaches publicly before firing them. They do it more discreetly.

James Burrill Angell

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....I believe even a secondary violation could make his contract voidable by the University. Most coaching contracts at EVERY school contain language allowing the school to cancel the contract at their choosing if the NCAA finds a violation. RR is going NOWHERE RIGHT NOW because of the NCAA investigation but a violation could give the University the ability to get out of his contract in the future if it doesn't work out for other reasons.


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These CARA form compliance issues are not Rich's fault per say. He will take the heat as the face of the program, but he was never told that they existed. I explained it in detail in the other thread about this, but if they voided his contract over things that were the athletic department's administration's fault, well that would be criminal.


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If Rodriguez had been found guilty of major violations, The University probably would have had no choice but to fire him. Of course, as Brian has pointed out previously, Rich has been doing this for 10+ years and probably knows what a major violation would be.

This whole drama over practice time violation has been f*#@king ridiculous and I hope somebody at the Freep loses his job over this thing.

Section 1

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Mandatory practice on Sundays. All day. Like, for nine hours. And not all of it like, getting taped or eating or watching The Simpsons in the film rooms.

Sundays, fer Crissakes! The holy day of rest. The one day of the week that Free Press staff spend, uh, reading the New York Times and watching Stephen Henderson on local tv with Sam Riddle and Huel Perkins...



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Can't post my own thread yet. :(

But this is similar timing and where people are.

Good news, he's going Blue. Expect it to be official in a little bit. :)


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Will update this. Not sure on the exact time frame of an official announcement. The (quick) conversation I had was a bit vague, but it sounds like a short timeframe of a day or 2 ("a few days" was the quote), as opposed to today.

My guess is this week at some pt.


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-- I guess I have to keep checking back to find out... I'm sure this is nothing, and I am grateful for the twitter accounts of the bastards responsible for this. I can't wait to blow up their accounts...


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My prediction:

The NCAA investigation will have uncovered major violations. These violations will destroy the Michigan football program, which will end up taking down the entire University. With the bankruptcy of the University of Michigan, so goes Michigan St (because without us around, they really have no reason to exist)...with both Universities wiped out, the whole state of Michigan collapses, and with it goes the auto-industry. Without a functioning auto-industry, the fragile US economy is pushed over the edge, goes into freefall and we never recover. We become a third world country with China as the sole superpower. Without the responsible leadership of the United States in the world, nuclear war surely happens in a few decades. This results in the total destruction of earth.

I might be a little too Michigan-focused's possible.

On the bright side, I just saved 15% on my car insurance by switching to Geico.


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If this is the school discussing this, will they speak on what/if anything the NCAA found? Is that normally how these things operate, or does the NCAA issue a statement first?