Vincent Gray Crystal Ball

Submitted by CincyBlue on January 9th, 2018 at 10:47 AM
Allen Trieu just predicted in-state CB Vincent Gray to Michigan this morning. Gray is 6'2 and 180 pounds 3 Star CB out of Rochester. Seems he was heading to WVU before Michigan offered before the early signing period.



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Michigan has the firepower to get the top recruits, no question about it.... but it will not happen until FIRST  the OFFENSIVE LINE is elite again, and then will begin to win consistently again, and THEN the recruits come..... Historically Michigan's bread and butter was this... and a decade later, it still is NOT.  Bredeson has been a good run blocker but a sieve so far and not ready yet... Cole was out of position.. Kugler shouldn't be playing.. Onwenu is fat and not ready yet.   We have no RT.     NOTHING will change until the line is elite again.

How do they NOT have tackles?  I mean, the entire world knew this... somehow Harbaugh and Drevno decide to ignore it, whiffing on Hamilton, Wilson, Leatherwood, among others, with terrible backup plans (Ulizio).   

Blue Know It

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I don't know. I say let's get there first.

Oklahoma got there with their 2014-2017 class avg being 14th in the country.

Clemson got there (and won in 2016) with their 2014-2017 class avg being 13th in the country.

Michigan's 4 year avg. (with the transition year from Hoke debacle being the 37th ranked class) is 17.5.

By the looks of it we should have the talent to at least get in the playoff. I don't think recruiting is the issue here.

The Fan in Fargo

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Exactly and I'd take this staff over Clemson's for brains and talent when it comes to picking talent. Harbaugh, Brown, Mattison, Drevno as an o-line coach(maybe), Zordich, Partridge, pretty much the whole fricking defensive staff! Point being, these guys know who they are looking at and can coach. Let's not forget the teams prior to Jim and staff getting to Ann Arbor. Once Patterson is in place next season, this team will be a fully operational battle station ready to destroy young men's worlds from around the country. Crushing their spirits into the afterlife. Cracking skulls is the game and Michigan Wolverines is the name.


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The 2 teams you mention also had elite QBs. That will skew the the perception of your numbers due to the number of deficiencies elite QB play can mask. I'd rather be ranked 13 or 14 with a stud QB than top 5 without a great QB.


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we need to start winning games we're not supposed to. Hard to sell anyone on hope on the back of an 8-5 season three years into our dream coach's tenure. Najee Harris and Hand both have natty's under their belts now - we're struggling in the middle of the pack in our own division. Gary and Peppers could have had them as well. The problem of marketing your program as a ground floor opportunity is that you can't say that forever without losing credibility.


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when Harbaugh was hired.

I don't get how it's just forgotten now.

We were the youngest team in the country this year.  Yet we had the #3 defense.  We also showed a lot of promise/ability in the run game.  Even if Patterson isn't approved, Peters showed promise this year and is maturing.

Even Emil Ekiyor mentioned that when he decommitted.  He said that wasn't the issue, we have such a young team and we'll be fine


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Wisconsin as well.

Not that we don't want 4/5 star, but there's a lot of 3 star talent out there for one year after two big hauls.

Also, I was looking back at our 2016 and 2017 classes and a lot of 3 stars seem to be in the wings for playing time.  Our coaches can evaluate talent.

Anyone who's knocking a 3* D pickup right now with Don Brown's record really isn't paying attention


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Well you see Dave - many in our fanbase believe we need to recruit better to compete with the Alabamas... and they are the posters you refer to in the thread below.  On this thread, however, the many fans that believe it is OK to gain commitments for 3 stars and develop, post.  It is an interesting phenonemon known as response bias.

As you would know with your fanbase, there are many different personalities and opinions amongst large bases.  Perhaps the many low IQ, ignorant Buckeye fans outnumber the more reasonable fans; however,  reasonable buckeye fans exist, as I am sure you can attest to.


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I'll definitely take him, but he's got a legitimate beef.  Did anyone see TomVH's tweets last night about the number of #STARZ on the field last night?

Now does this topic need to be rehashed for the millionth time, you ask?  You've got a point there. 

Maize and Blue…

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high three stars and low three stars.  247 composite three stars start at 370 and if Gray commits it would give Michigan 8 players ranked 600 or below in the nation and 11 3 stars overall not including Doyle who hasn't signed yet.  OSU has 3 composite three stars with one below 600. Alabama also has three composite three stars and the only one below 600 is a punter. 

Not sure where you came up with your numbers, but nice try cherry picking stats to make this years recruiting sound better then it is.  The only time Michigan has recruited more three stars than four stars is 2010, 2011, and 2015 which represent RR's last full year of recruiting and our last two coaching transition years.  For it to happen in Harbaugh's third year is mind boggling to me.


January 10th, 2018 at 12:17 PM ^

Rivals has us with 11 three stars and 1 two star.

ESPN has us with 8 plus an unranked Bell, so you can call that 9.

247 has us with 11 three stars.

None of the 3 major recruiting sites back up what he or you are saying. Unless you are cherry picking site to site for each individual player.