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Submitted by StateStreetBlue on December 17th, 2018 at 9:59 AM has an interesting article today on "What it’s like to be a college football recruit in 2018" where multiple questions are posed to multiple IMG recruits.

Some of the recruits who were asked questions:

Chris Shearin (Missouri): Three-star cornerback from Suffolk, Va.
Jayden Curry (undecided): Three-star safety from Virginia Beach, Va. Considering Maryland, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, USF.
DJ Turner (Michigan): Three-star cornerback from Suwanee, Ga.

One particularly interesting nugget from the lengthy roundtable discussion was:

What is it like dealing with all these college coaches?

Shearin: Oh, they’re ruthless. They’ll put words in your mouth. They’ll misinterpret a tweet and say, “Oh, you’re committing here?” It’s crazy. Call you. Text you. Show up at your school. Want to talk to you for two hours. It’s crazy.

Curry: I think DJ’s probably got more to say on that.

Turner: Nah, nah. (laughs) They were trying to flip me. I’m not going to get into specifics. I got called into the office for a meeting for like two hours. The coach was talking about why I should flip and stuff like that when I’ve been committed since June. Now, they just offered me. I’m two weeks from signing day. But it’s all good. I appreciated that they wanted me, but I’m committed. I said I appreciated it and thanked him for wanting to have me at their school. But I’m committed, and I’m locked in. I don’t want to burn any bridges, but I’m committed. So my recruitment is done.

Wonder who the school/coach was that tried to get Turner to flip? Sounds like it was very, very recent.



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 Oh, they’re ruthless. They’ll put words in your mouth. They’ll misinterpret a tweet and say, “Oh, you’re committing here?”

I cant be the only one who immediately thought James Franklin here, right?

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Couldn't have been Bama because he's approximately two stars short. Not sure what UGA's class looks like, but the Vols seem more likely. They've been showing up on a bunch of lists in the last month or two. 


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I wonder why this always has to be cloaked in such mystery.

I can understand that until a recruit is safely enrolled, he perhaps feels as though he should not talk specifics.  But really, why is it not more common for recruited athletes to say, "Yeah, I can tell you exactly what {Nick Saban/DaboSwinney/Mario Christobal/whoever} said, and when.  I can tell you about my entire recruiting trip to _______.}

I know that some might say, "No recruit is going to rat himself out as having been the target of illegal offers or other NCAA bylaw violations."  I get that; we all get that.  But I don't think that Turner is talking about anything like that.  There must be mountains of hinky stuff in recruiting that isn't illegal or bylaw-violating.

There's no privilege between coaches and recruits.  I just don't understand why there is such a code of silence.  Or if not silence, then anonymity.