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Submitted by Mgo_fly on March 19th, 2018 at 11:41 AM
I’ll be in Port of Spain on Thursday, any insight on finding a place to watch or streaming options would be appreciated! Go Blue Edit: I'm there one night for work. Port of Spain is NOT a vacation destination. The airport code is POS for a reason that has nothing to do with geography.


snarling wolverine

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I'll be on my second-best yacht cruising the Red Sea (I'd take the big one, but you know, don't want to flaunt anything) Thursday evening, as is my custom.  I've got a 96-inch TV personally crafted by the CEO of Panasonic that was given to us as a honeymoon present and I'd like to christen it with a viewing of the basketball action.  I've hired a butler to operate the TV remote  for me (I don't like remote controls - too full of germs).  What station should I inform him to turn on?



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Well, oddly enough, I was actually in Port of Spain in November for work. I watched a Michigan football game there on a Saturday on ESPN. I was stying at the Hilton, and they were able to just turn it on for me. No worries. So I'm sure you'll be able to find it easily, as basketball is pretty popular there.

FYI, I summer in Switzerland with my Austrian mistress Frau Titsenbiggen. 


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I'm hoping that I will get a spare few minutes away from cleaning up bodily fluids from my job as Assistant Crack Whore and part-time sex slave in back alleys of Bangkok. Anyone know if there is a brothel or public square where I might happen to overhear talk among tourists discussing the outcome of the game?

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I'll be in Mogadishu fighting Somali pirates. Anyone know a good Michigan bar in town? 

Seriously, I love these threads, just to see what kind of snide comments we all come up with.

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I tend to make people with the purported capacity to make enough money to visit islands for fun put it a little bit of effort for my assistance, so, what do you have to offer me in return for helping you?


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I was out of the country last week and it's basically not possible without a VPN.

Your best bet is to VPN into a US based IP address and watch on the NCAA app (all games are not on the app, but I'd be surprised if this game isn't on the app).


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I don't think it's where to watch, but when. They should still be watching shows from the 70's on TV, so you may want to tune in during the year 2066 to see it "live".


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Ok, didn't anticipate the assumptions..
So I'm in Trinidad for work. There is a travel advisory for Trinidad, not the best place to vacation these days. And with all due respect to any readers from the islands, there is a reason the airport code is POS.

My concern for finding the game is based on the network being available. We got TBS. I have no idea how to set up a VPN, I'd appreciate recommendations on how to get that set up...


March 19th, 2018 at 12:54 PM ^

I really was there in November, and have been many times before. I will be shocked if you can't find the game somewhere, assuming you're in POS. Since it's English speaking, they are much more likely to have US cable channels than many of the Islands. 

One more thing: I travel a lot internationally, and travel advisories are virtually meaningless, IMO. If they stuck to the same standard of "dangerous" for US cities that they do for international cities, Chicago, LA, NYC, Detroit, etc., would have travel warnings and advisories too. 


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I never realized the work of a demonic clown involved so much international travel - I would have just assumed that was a regional type of assignment (e.g., within x number of miles from a sleepy New England community).

Clearly this field has also joined the 21st century.


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Well some very brief searching on Tvguide has helped me find that if you can find a bar, hotel, or someplace that has Directv the game can be watched no problem. Seeing that you will be in the capital and one of the largest cities on the islands at the time I can't imagine it would be too hard. Tvguide tells me the channel will be 216.

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What you'll come to realize about this blog, if you didn't know already, is that we are largely a fickle bunch of assholes. If something's been posted twice, or if its about where to watch a game in a given city/country, you can bet you're going to get hounded on it because it's already been brought up so many times on the board. 

As far as how to set a VPN, I remember setting one up when I lived in China for a few months back in 2012 and it was fairly simple/cheap. I think I went through PureVPN. I don't recall what went into the setup, but I got it done pretty quickly so if I can do it, I bet you can too. You shouldn't need any additional hardware or computer hookups to make it happen. 


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I was there a few years ago on a short work trip. I believe the Hyatt has a nice bar with direct tv which should have TBS. The area around there was very secure. The rest of the country not so much.

I got the impression that the leaders of the company we were doing work for were also essentially running Trinidad. They provided a driver who none of the sketchy individuals hanging out in front of the airport had any interest in messing with, which was entertaining