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Kind of old but I didn't see it posted.

Gobbler Country:


Spoiler: they pick Michigan.

To add they seem to hate to be called "Vah Tech" from the comment section so use it for good or evil.

OT in my own thread- found this gem on EDSBS. May it get some milage.




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Yeah, but he broke down Duke (which is probably worse than Western).

It seems like Michigan should be a clear (but not overwhelming) favorite in this game. If you look at Michigan's resume, they haven't really beaten any good teams.  Nebraska is OK but may not even be ranked when the final polls come out (and will at least be outside the Top 20).  Notre Dame is mediocre at best and Ohio State is a bad team at this point.

On the bright side, Michigan won 10 games against teams that were bowl eligible.  Eight of those wins were by 17 points or more.  So Michigan played crappy teams all season but at least they handled them well.  Virginia Tech played crappy teams all season and struggled at times (getting blown out twice by Clemson).

If Denard doesn't turn the ball over and BWC isn't a major drop off from Heininger, then Michigan should win this game. 





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Duke's QB, Sean Renfree, rushed for approximately 0 yards this year.  Michigan's QB, Denard Robinson, rushed for approximately 1100 yards.  I don't think that the offenses were very similar.

Miami (YTM) probably has the offense that is most simiilar to Michigan's.  In reality, not may teams were running the Manball / Zone Read / West Coast offense like Michigan this year. 


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Also, for some reason, Tech fans reacted the same way Ohio fans do to to "Ohio" when TheSabre called them VPI&SU in a game preview.  That was baffling, but it might be interesting for those of you in NOLA, if you find yourself conversing with a non-alum Hokie fan, to repeatedly and casually refer to them as VPI and see if it pisses them off.


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I don't think VPI pisses people off as much as it is a little old-fashioned, but VPI&SU would be pretty obnoxious. But, there's no rivalry with them, so I don't think many people will care enough to call them that. People unfamilar with VT don't call them Vah-Tech to piss them off. 


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The original version of the cat photo that the OP photoshopped Urban into was Brian's christmas card. The photo on the back is of Brian snuggling a muppet. Brady Hoke said, "Not so tough."