Video of Tom Brady Addressing Team 134

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Here is a BTN highlight video of "Tommy" Brady addressing the Michigan team:

(someone else has to embed I guess)


Here is the full speech with Hoke introduction - UM approved version:


Highlight? - His single greatest football achivement?  Being Voted Michigan Captain.





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He says being captain has been his greatest achievement.  Very bold.  Also, his locker (#10) has a distince color.  I think he is going to be the next legend or something. (it appears at the end)


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Love the speech, love seeing Brady back home!  I'm fired up just watching that, can't imagine how cool it must have been to be in the room.

That said, did I hear a "pimportant" in there?  :)


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But they don't know the Brady story at Michigan. You know he came after Griese and Woodson. He played behind great offensive linemen, he had a great running back, and everyone wanted his backup to play instead of him. Drew Henson was the guy everyone wanted to see. Not Brady. And the staff and Lloyd Carr dealt with this as much as Brady did. And the competition was real and difficult. So, when you hear Brady talk about this, understand how significant it was. He nearly left the program. He told Carr he wanted to transfer. But Brady's dad, who compiled a highlight tape for his Michigan recruitment, urged him to stick it out. And the rest is history. 

And it is because Brady worked at it, harder than anyone else, in the film room and on the field. He was a skinny qb, not that athletic and hardly fast, but he had a great arm, he was smart, heady and a incredible competitor. This is his greatest attribute. His will to win and succeed are superior to most. And this is why throughout his career at Michigan, his greatest achievements come in games where he led comeback victories. This is his legacy. And he is the ultimate Michigan man. He is just like Jim Harbaugh in that regard. 

And his message to team 134 should be bronzed. 


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Always liked Tom Brady, but this visit, that speech, oh that speech. He has immediately shot way up near the top for me.  So pumped, I'm ready to put a helmet on now. Thank God my eligibility has expired.

Brady's dream of getting Tommy involved in the program has come to fruition. Let's hope this is just the beginning.



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Good lord, I stood up and clapped at my desk just now. Amazing speech.

Yarina mentioned it, but I agree with him. Loved this part:

“You know what the greatest honor I’ve ever received as a player is? In my fourth year and fifth year, I was named team captain. That, to this day, is the single greatest achievement I’ve ever had as a football player.”

Lambeau Schembechler

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Who was the very last guy he shook hands with at the end of the MGoBlue clip?  Looked like a lineman with a sweet beard.  But he clearly asked Tom to shake his left hand because he has a broken hand.  I'm not aware of any linemen with broken hands.


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Looked and sounded like Jack Miller. Hope not, kinda hard to snap with a broken right hand. Maybe this is why the center competition is still undecided after today's scrimmage. (If that is indeed Miller of course)

Black Socks

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Everything Tommy touched on is what this program is about.  I missed that for three years, but enough about that.  Go Blue!


Fair disclosure - I watched this video 5 times.