VIDEO: South Carolina vs. Florida Every Snap

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Here's the Offense

...and the Defense

I'll have the LSU game up within a day or two, then I'll probably cut up the Arkansas game as well so we can have a good sample of talent and styles. Scout away!


ND Sux

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SCar returners cannot HOTTDB

Florida D looks damn good

SCar front seven looks strong

Florida QB looks awesome

SCar QB not intimidating at all


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Obviously, the UF game was our worst game of the year.  It was the third game in a row of back to back to back top 10 teams (UGA #5, LSU #9, UF #3.) Two of those 3 games were on the road.  The team was simply worn down physically and emotionally at that point.  It's a very poor indication of how they will play in a bowl game with 6 weeks to rest and prepare.  So watch how we played in the UGA game and get back to us.... 

USC vs UGA 2012



Now do I think we're really as good as the score vs UGA indicates? No. Heck, we beat UGA worse than Bama did. And do I think we're as bad as we looked vs UF? Again no, for the reasons I stated above. All I'm saying is, you have to look at every game in the context of the entire season. We were up for one of those contests and very down for another.


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I picked the 3 games (Ark, LSU, UF) because they were the most seeded on tenyardtracker. Also, there are lots of cut-ups of the UGA game everywhere, so I can assemble a huge video post later. I'm not trying to point you out at your weakest or anything. Also, Arkansas was a fairly dominating performance, so you got that going for you. 


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No worries, I was just giving a little bit of the back story behind the UF game. We laid an egg in that one. If you really wanted a fair and accurate scout report as to what you might see in the bowl game, I think I'd consider looking at the Clemson game.  Here's why,

1). We played our back up QB Dylan Thompson in that game.  He brings a different skill set to the game, and with Shaw battling naggin injures all year, it's not beyond the relm of possibility that DT gets the bowl start.  

2).  Injuries.  Obviously Lattimore is done for the year with another catestrophic knee injury.  The guys that will be running the ball for us in the Outback (Kenny Miles and Mike Davis) were the RB's vs Clemson.  

Anyway, long story short, it's all good. 




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Yep, by far our worst game in eon's.  Our turnovers gifted the Gators 21 points, and they unleashed their D with max pressure once they got up on us by a couple of scores.  All credit to the Gators in that one, but definitely not a benchmark game to judge the Gamecocks by.


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I'm no expert, but I believe South Carolina will have a lot more success in the pass game against us.  Our coverage tends to be a lot softer than what I saw from Florida, our pass rush is way less than Florida, and our numbers are good from having poor competition.

The front 7 of South Carolina concerns me.  The secondary?  I think we will find some holes, but we'll see, we don't have a good record against teams with a strong front 7 (ND/Bama).  I guess that's a small sample set, but offensively we have been pretty ineffective, and I am thinking that will continue.

I'm hoping that South Carolina lets up on their pass rush in favor of contain which opens up the passing game for us.  Either that or they don't let up on their pass rush and LOL DENARD'D


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Clowney is truly horrifying in that video, and will be an incredibly tough matchup, even for Lewan.  He completely dictated what Florida was able to do.  They were unable to block him whatsoever, so they tried to option him and he just has too much length and speed, almost always breaking the flow of the play.  On pass rush he frequently just blows by the offensive linemen.  At 2:25 he saves a touchdown by drawing a chop block when Florida goes play action and tries to block him with the RB and a pulling center.  He almost beats the QB to the PA exchange and then draws the penalty.  I don’t think he’s effectively blocked even once until Florida’s first real TD at 4:20.  Florida is much more successful in the second half by running away from him on almost every running play, but he’s still there in the passing game and the few runs to his side—he blows up an option all by himself at 10:05 and a run away from his side (!) on the very next play.


Good as Lewan is, very tough to handle one on one.  No question the best defensive end in the country this year.