VIDEO: Scrimmage Highlights. Frank Clark, Thomas Gordon, Jack Miller Interviews

Submitted by Thorin on April 11th, 2013 at 7:54 AM

The spring game is in two days. It think somebody posted the scrimmage highlights already, but I wouldn't blame anyone for missing it amidst the Final Four hoopla.



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I'm sure Devin would like that pass back at the 1:40 mark. 

It's nice to watch football highlights.  It's nicer knowing we don't play Alabama to start the season.


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I really liked the Miller Highlight, because it made me feel a little better about our run game, and also because Justice Hayes looked FANTASTIC in the slot. Yeah, it was just one catch and run. Still... shifty. That was predicted for him in the first place. Looking forward to watching him and sticky hands Dilleo become offensive leaders this year.

Ron Utah

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  • DG is going to have one of the best seasons in UM history (top 10).  He will get picked in the first round of the 2014 draft.  His throws are on the money, he has a great deep ball, and can fit the ball into small windows.  Oh...and he can run.  He is exactly what the NFL wants right now.
  • Darboh and Chesson are weapons on the outside.  Gallon will be allowed to work the middle and play some slot.  Don't get me wrong--I still expect Gallon to be our leading WR and start on the outside--but those two RS Freshmen look good enough to let Gallon slide inside when go with 3 WR sets.
  • Funchess will catch at least 30 balls and 6 TDs...did you see him work out of the backfield?  Borges is going to move him around and create mismatches.
  • Kalis and Braden will be our starting OGs.  I think Glasgow has a slight edge over Miller at OC.
  • The running game won't get better without better blocking.  None of our RBs looked that great; Drake Johnson looked the most consistent to me.  I'm hoping there were plays where there were actual running lanes, but it sure didn't look like there were many holes.
  • The defense will be better than last year against the pass and the run.  Hollowell appears to be getting a lot of reps and made a GREAT play against Darboh.  Bolden is a back-up LB...and he would have been the best player on any of RR's defenses (except for Graham).
  • The offense needs a RB, WR, and the interior O-line to step-up.  DG will be great.  Gallon and Funchess will be very good.  We just need one or two more passing threats and some great blocking or RB play.
  • The defense looked very, very good.  When they got beat it was on amazing plays in tight windows, and they made some great plays against well-executed offense.


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Saying DG will have a top 10 season passing-wise isn't really saying a ton.  We've only been throwing the ball for like 30 years, and the last 5 haven't been anything spectacular in that respect.  

After looking it up, DG would need to throw for 2,509 yards to match the 10th most yards in a season, which is Todd Collins in 1993.  That's certainly doable. 193 yards per game, assuming we play 13 games.  If we play 14 it would be 180.

EDIT:  After reading over the record book for a bit, it's interesting how few real passers Michigan has had (mostly due many of them being multi-year starters and us not passing much before Gary Moeller).  Tate Forcier ranks 14th all time in passing yards at Michigan.  If DG throws for 2,804 yards this year (which is aggressive but certainly plausible) he'd move into 10th all time.  He only needs 1,514 to be 11th, which is almost a given, barring injury.


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That everyone is wearing knee braces? I wonder if that's always been the norm, or if the latest knee injuries have made it so that everyone needs to wear one.