VIDEO: Scott Frost campaigning for Nebraska to jump Michigan in final 1997 poll

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Something I will never forgive or forget, and neither will any other Michigan fan who followed that season:

UPDATE: For those in the comments who say "what's the big deal; he was just pulling for his team"—no. The relentless badgering of the pollsters and the media was something that only Nebraska, not Michigan, did. Maybe in this BCS/playoff era we're now accustomed to that sort of electioneering. But in those days it was considered profoundly distasteful and unsportsmanlike. You did your talking on the field, and let the pollsters make up their minds. That was the majority ethos then.



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The elephant in the room is...does Harbaugh view this as "a shot across the bow"?  Cause if he does UCF can expect boot to the next treatment.  If he doesn't then the second half will be a training exercise for us.  Frost better hope for door #2.


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In my mind there was no split championship .

  I have a few items that say  Michigan was the National Champion. It doesnt say anything about Nebraska . 

Fuck Scott Frost and his Mom and anyone else who says differently .


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team or program that remember the Frosting Michigan took from Frost's politicizing the final vote.

So, I think stepping on the accelerator and not letting up till the game is done makes perfect sense with our coach's general outlook and this team's pursuit of enthusiasm for passion and glory uknown to mankind.


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This is my first ever content post, so keep that in mind:


Who gives a fuck about Frost and why do we need fifteen threads about him and his mother?  It just seems petty and small to even care about him, her, or nebraska; everyone knows we were the best team in college football that year.  



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Harbaugh would elevate his fan status to the heavens if he runs up the score to 70-0 finishing with a 2pt conversion, a back slap handshake and saying "how do you like that". Then he wrestles him to the ground and makes him say "what's your deal" before he lets him up.


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and Frost was a 22-ish year old kid when he campaigned just like Tom Osborne.

If Harbaugh sees this as a way to keep his team motivated, then fine.  But I don't think we want to spend TOO much "revenge" attention on an 0-12 team from last year (albeit w/ a new coach).

Keep the focus on getting better and don't get distracted by the trolls.


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Can someone tell me, without being completely full of shit, that they would have done anything different in his position?

So why are we worried about it?

Besides the coaches gave the Huskers the split title.

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The coaches just barely gave them the vote. It was 51.5 to 18.5 in our favor in the AP, and 32 to 30 for them in the coaches' poll (with one coach voting us 4th or two voting us 3rd).

It's possible that all the campaigning (not just by Frost but also by the CBS crew during the telecast) was the difference in that razor-thin margin.


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Florida State did the same thing after losing to Notre Dame in '93, a precedent was set, Nebraska was undefeated, they had an argument(although they had benefitted from some Notre Dame level luck that year). There was a definite argument for splitting the title as the two teams did not play each other that year. It's not like this was some sort of Russian judge in the Olympics gamesmanship. Michigan players didn't whine about it because they were the lead team in the polls as I recall and didn't need to do what Frost did. If positions were reversed I wonder if Nebraska fans would have a "Griese film".

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Go back and look at the end of the Mizzou game vs Neb from '97 - I'm sure it must be on YouTube...

The Huskers DID NOT GO UNDEFEATED in 1997. Check it out, to call that ND level "luck" is a complete misstatement of what acutally happened. Given the replay system of today they LOSE LOSE LOSE that game.

And I forgot in my previous message:

F**k Peyton Manning too, for playing so shitty vs Nebraska that his pathetic drunken cheating coach had to vote us 4th just to make Peyton's choke job look less Fugly!


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I watched that game and saw it happen live with my Mizzou fan relatives who were beyond pissed.  Yes, it was illegitimate, but it was luck to have the play count and all anyone saw on that by the end of the season was a W, so yes, Nebraska went undefeated that year.  

They also played better in their bowl than Michigan did and given the bowls were being used as a data point by then, I remain confused as to why everyone is so pissed off.  


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I'll be the first mention that Scott Frost is the 1st year head coach of UCF. He was also the QB of Nebraska's '97 team, the one that "split" the NC with us. Now some of you will be like, "oh that's why we're hearing about him and his mom now."

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