Drunk Uncle

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You fogot the "/s".

Aside from abuse, he's not representing the university well. If I was Rutgers alumn I would ask for him to be fired. 

I know old school coaches (Knight, Woody, etc.) acted this way and got away with it because they won. Now days kids shouldn't have to put up with it - rightfully so.


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I have no respect for anyone that uses the word f-aggot in a derogatory way directed at an individual or group. That itself is worthy of a fine for any public figure IMO. I don't think the grabbing of players by the jersey is that bad, my coaches did that with me in high school and I never felt threatened or belittled, but maybe I was too naive to be. The name calling is unbecoming and unacceptable of any employee at an institution of higher learning, no matter what the job. Throw in kicking and chucking balls at players heads and he deserves to be fired. And I know Rutgers is not a juggernaut in bball, but the guy is not faring well on the court either. No improvement over his predecessor really so I don't know why Rutgers would hang onto him.


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What kind of parent would sign a LOI with their kid so he can play for a guy caught on tape throwing a basketball at one of his players heads while (or in close proximity to) screaming that they're f--king f---ots? What possible positive impact could that kind of behavior have on a college athlete?


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Don't try to be a martyr. Dissenting opinions are welcome, even yours. It's just that your opinion is really stupid, so lots of people are going to let you know. That doesn't mean we're trying to censor you or something.

For the record, my high school coaches also swore constantly. I don't think using naughty words is the problem here -- it's directing them at the players personally that is the problem, along with how it reflects on the university to have an absusively homophobic person in such a high profile position. I also agree to a small extent about the physical stuff; physically moving players where they need to be is categorically fine, but his style of doing it was very close to the line. Then the other stuff like kicking a player or throwing the ball at folks is obviously way over the line.


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I played football in Florida. My coaches "moved me into position." They convinced us water was for "pussies." They roughed us up from time to time and said jacked up stuff. It was f*cked up, and they eventually got handed their asses because one day they ran us until a kid fell from heatstroke. 

Just because something happens doesn't make it right. At the time I accepted it because it was a way out, but looking back it just pisses me off.

Hardware Sushi

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You do realize you were playing youth sports for all of those levels. As a minor. In a paid setting.

There is a helluva big difference between pushing youth kids around and adults that willingly joined his program on scholarship.

Not saying I want my coach acting like that but I didn't once see him hit anyone. Physical? Yes. Abusive? Not in my opinion.


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Sorry I was calling out the guy for implying that I was not going to allow my sons to play contact sports because I don't want some prick putting their hands on them in a harmful way and/or throwing balls at their fucking heads.If that's how you want to raise your kids go ahead. 

And yes their is a one year difference between a high school senior midget player and a college freshman that makes them underage vs legal. However, you can't be implying that accepting a college scholarship allows oneself to have BALLS THROWN AT THEIR HEADS! I mean seriously?

Hardware Sushi

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They are your kids no matter how old they are. But they also turn into adults. 

If they are playing basketball at Rutgers, they are also adults.

I don't know why poeple think adults are not able to defend themselves or make decisions to leave bad situations. I don't have kids but I'm not going to be a loser helicopter parent that gets mad because his coach grabs my son's shoulder pads and tells him to get his ass in line because he's fucking around.

But I digress...my comment will soon be minimized anyway.

On a related note...I'm in Florida visiting my parents and saw a dad throwing balls at his kids heads in the pool. They were having a blast.


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Dad w/kids = belligerent coach w/players is your comparision not mine (remember your pool quote from one post above?).

You seriously have no idea what you're talking about if you think that coach was not over the line. Also, yeah a kid on scholarship with a future planned should just leave cuz he can't hang dude??? Wow. 


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He clearly kicks a player near the end of the video. Also, I'm not sure what the distinction is between hitting a player in the back of the head and hitting him with a basketball in the back of the head, but I don't see a bit of difference.

Come to think of it, the basketball might be worse in some respects since he gets to throw it from ten feet away and not make a one-on-one physical challenge.


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but agree to disagree on what? He did hit a player in the form of kicking him, he did hit a player with a basketball in the back of the head. It's on the film above.

Take from that what you will (and I wasn't advocating anything particular in that post) but he absolutely hit his players on at least two occasions in that video.


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There's having dissenting opinions and there's being a dumbass with a dissenting opinion. When 99% of others are telling you you're in the wrong, I think that speaks to something, and it's not about others. Stop trying to act like the victim. There's no place in coaching for what he did.


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So a dissenting opinion is only OK when enough people agree with said opinion?  Is that right?

And me having a minority opinion isn't cool, but others (including yourself) calling me names and/or insulting my intelligence is?  Got it.  

I didn't attack anyone, I didn't tell anyone how to think, I didn't call any names.  I just said I didn't think the video was that bad.  That makes me a dumbass?  


April 2nd, 2013 at 9:08 PM ^

I don't think name calling is cool. But I don't think your opinion is either. Because I just find it incredibly off base and you haven't been able to defend it well IMO. I agree that it's hard to have a dissenting opinion on here. People jump on you incredibly fast if you go against the grain. Which is why you better be able to back it up. 


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Saying you didn't think it was that bad - that is a stance. That is an opinion. That is your take. I don't see how you don't consider it one. Opinions are typically formed by something - past experience, facts, stats, research, observation etc. Saying your opinion and then acting like it's just as credible as everyone else's without being able to defend it is silly. You're trying to play victim and I just don't get it. 


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His opinion is as mildly dissenting as driving down the wrong side of the road is mildly incinvenient for other drivers. You two have different opinions that are drastically off from the majority. You are welcome to share them, and we will absolutely accept them with open arms because it creates the type of conflict that makes any disagreement a bit fun to have on tge board without crossing any line. However, don't be so surprised when you get fake negged to -1 when you are pretty much the only ones on an entire thread with an opinion that others feel is wrong on so many levels, especially a topic like this that can stir up some strong emotions.


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I couldn't care less about the -1, but I felt an opposing opinion should be able to be brought without the namecalling.  I think that's an immature way to handle an argument, regardless of how strongly you feel on a certain topic.  The reality of it is, MGoBlog never has been a good spot for healthy debate, so I shouldn't be surprised today.


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It is NEVER acceptable for a coach to say "you're a f---ing f--ry, you're a f---ing fa--ot".  That single outburst alone is enough to justify firing the guy.

Coaching is about so much more than teaching the game.  It is about developing young men and women.

You would NEVER see Coach Beilein abusing his players like that.  Likewise for Brady Hoke.  Both these men understand that when you are a coach you have to lead by example at all times.  You always have to act as though your players are going to model themselves after you.


April 2nd, 2013 at 3:56 PM ^

The Big Ten is no a place for a coach like that.  That guy's coaching style pisses me off so much, I could just throw a chair:


Jokes aside, I did get a little sick to my stomach watching that.  There's passion and pushing your guys to their limit to extract their full potential, and then there are cowards with no impulse control.  The latter has no place in sports, let alone society.

State Street

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I mean, it's not like Rice was building a powerhouse or anything.  He's a mediocre coach that hasn't won anything ever at a mediocre school.  As soon as that tape came across Pernetti's desk, he should have been in Rice's office letting him go.

More than anything else, I think this shows Tim Pernetti's true character and ineffectiveness as a leader.


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just seen the tape on ESPN.. this guy is a complete asshole.. one of the newest coaches of the BIG TEN.  hope he loses every game he coaches until he is fired.  the kids need to get out of that program ASAP